Are dogs allowed in rei

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No Dogs Allowed at REI

are dogs allowed in rei

Recently my Bitch and I stopped at an REI in Albuquerque on our way up to the Sandias. In the 10 minutes I was there picking up a guidebook.

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The other day I was walking my dog when I walked past the most gorgeous coat in the window of Anthropologie. It was pouring rain. Of course, I didn't want to tie up my pup It turns out that Anthropologie is a dog-friendly store! Which got me thinking, what other stores also welcome canine shoppers?

Additionally, even retailers with dog-friendly policies will leave it up to on-site managers to decide whether to let pups into their individual locations, so your best bet is always to call ahead and get the green light before bringing your dog on your next shopping excursion. With so much to do this time of year Get decorations! Stock the pantry with holiday treats! And what better way to make all the necessary shopping excursions more manageable and fun! Luckily, more and more stores are adopting dog-friendly policies, which will allow you to have your pup by your side as you cross all the items of your holiday shopping to-do list. Here are 34 national retailers with pet-friendly policies sure to make holiday shopping a lot less wag-gravating:. Half Price Books.

Is REI dog-friendly? REI allows service animals in its stores, but pets are generally not allowed. For more information on the REI pet policy, see.
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Skip to content. Quick links. REI's new dog policy? All kinds of dog talk here! We go there often because it's a really good place to train and expose Charlie to people, equipment, stairs, elevators, ie and it's not a bad place to shop either.

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Forum Rules., REI used to allows dogs inside until there was an incident where a dog displayed a hostile behavior.



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