Belly button pain during pregnancy

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Why You Might Have Bellybutton Pain During Pregnancy

belly button pain during pregnancy

Bellybutton or navel pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy and has a variety of potential causes. Possible reasons for experiencing.

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This pain occurs especially at the end of pregnancy due to increased belly size, baby movement and lack of space in the woman's body, but may also arise at other times. In general, the navel and the surrounding area are painful, and swelling may also occur. However, this pain is not constant, and appears mainly when the woman bends her body, makes an effort or pressing the region. However, if pain develops in late pregnancy, spreads to the abdominal belly and is accompanied by uterine contractions, it may be a sign of childbirth. This pain may occur from the beginning of pregnancy, and may continue until the end due to the pressure that the baby puts on the uterus and radiates to the navel.

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Women might experience a variety of discomforts throughout pregnancy. One ache you might not expect? Bellybutton pain. Others might have pain in one pregnancy, but not the next. Bellybutton pain is common. Your skin and muscles are stretched to the max by the end of your pregnancy.

Causes of Pain Across the Navel While Pregnant

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What causes bellybutton pain during pregnancy?

New Patient Appointment. Call Us: New Patient Appointment or Your Pregnancy Matters. I frequently have patients talk about belly button pain, usually starting in the second trimester.

The belly button, too, changes in appearance. Due to the growing baby, your concave belly button starts to protrude. Initially, you will not face this change, but after a week you will start noticing a protruded navel. If you have an outie, then the chances of your belly button popping out during pregnancy are quite high. A protruding navel during pregnancy is quite a normal condition and harmless. Your body goes through physical changes during pregnancy , including weight gain and expansion of the uterus.

Many women find they suddenly have a "popped out" belly button during pregnancy, but it's a short-term change. Your rapidly expanding uterus pushes your abdomen forward, making even the most inverted innie belly button become an outie. There's nothing you can do to prevent changes to your navel during pregnancy: Just about every belly button pops at some point during pregnancy. Like so many other pregnancy symptoms, a popped-out belly button is harmless. However, if your navel is irritated from rubbing against your clothes, you can use a specially-designed belly button cover to smooth and protect it.

5 Causes For Navel Pain During Pregnancy



During pregnancy, you might experience bellybutton pain. Here's why this happens and when you need to call your doctor.
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