I ve never been happy in my life

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Some People Can Never Be Happy

i ve never been happy in my life

Hey kid! I call anyone kid if they're one year younger than me. And I'm 48! Ok!? Look, I've studied psychology and psychaitry. I've read books.

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A year ago, after quitting booze, partying and stupid men I met my boyfriend, and he was so nice to me, we share thoughts and passions and activities and i believe we love each other, so I started to do things right, school went fine, my relationship to my parents improved and so on, but then my boy friend started changing and let out his very vicious and jealous self, and ever since January this year, he has been accusing me of lying and cheating every time he can, so he breaks me up every two days and then comes to me afterwards and, well I always forgive him right away. Please, help me figure out my life; I am smart and read a lot, very musical, can sing and I consider myself good looking, i just feel like a huge dysfunctional fail and need help before I give up and run away or kill myself. Answered by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on - Link A. You already discovered that in the early days with your boyfriend. He provided a crutch while you learned how to be a happier person. It sounds to me like he might be the kind of guy who needs to feel stronger and better than his girlfriend in order to be secure.

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Late one evening, I found myself reading the blogs before shutting down for the night. It caught my attention because the opening line contains a huge factual error see footnote. That aside, in the article, the author explains her situation by saying:. Unlike many divorcing couples, I had the perfect life and the perfect relationship. I lived in a condo on the beach, had a great career and a kind and patient husband.

If you're less than happy with your life -- either personally or professionally -- the problem isn't education , upbringing , a lack of opportunities, being held back by other people, or even bad luck. If you're unhappy, the problem is you. While approximately 50 percent of your happiness your happiness set-point is determined by personality traits that are largely hereditary , the other 50 percent is determined by factors totally within your control : your health, your career, your relationships, and your interests and pursuits. If you're unhappy, you have the power to change that. Since the best addition often comes from subtraction, start by deciding to do these things:. Psychologists call it hedonistic adaptation, the phenomenon of people's automatically shifting the joy of a new purchase back toward their emotional norm. Or, in non-science speak, it's why that "aaah" feeling you get when you look at your new house, new car, new furniture, or new clothes quickly goes away.

10 Signs of Walking Depression

I have never been truly happy in my whole life. I believe that there are people who are born to be winners, and people who are born to be losers. If you are born.
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