Cat wagging tail while lying down

What does it mean when cats wag their tail while laying down?

cat wagging tail while lying down

When a cat's tail is up it means he's happy to see you. The cat moves This tail position often signals a playful mood and a cat that's ready to share some fun with you. Beware of a What does it mean if a cat wags their tail?.


Your cat's tail helps her with balance. It aids her in jumping and navigating balance beam-type situations. It even helps keep her upright when she's tearing along at high speed and needs to make an abrupt hairpin turn. If your cat's tail is held straight up in the air above her, it means she's feeling confident and friendly. She may give the end of her tail a quick flick or carry it with a slight bend in the end, which is an invitation to talk to or pet her. An upright tail that quivers a bit means your cat is excited about something positive about to happen.

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Cats are enigmatic little creatures. Does your cat love you, or would it gladly stab you in your sleep, if only it had thumbs and a slightly larger brain? The cat never tellsóit thrives on inscrutability. Do these movements actually mean anything? Most people would say: no, dogs wag their tails, cats do not. Actual dog-like wagging is usually a sign of extreme agitation. I once worked on an extremely aggressive cat.

How To Decode Your Catís Tail: A Masterclass

Cats are some of the most complex, curious and compassionate critters I know. Deciphering cat behavior is far more complicated and challenging than most other animals.


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  1. A gentle, slow, side-to-side swish is another tail wag that hints play. Some cats even wag their tails this way while lying down. If you're loving on.

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