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HBO’s Game of Thrones burns Bud Light Super Bowl spot in shock Dilly Dilly mash-up

dilly dilly game of thrones

Feb 5, The shocking Bud Light/ Game of Thrones cross-over ad during the Even the " Dilly Dilly" medieval eventually has to play with, and lose to.


HBO has yet to release a full-length trailer for the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones," and the teasing continued on Super Bowl Sunday. The ad began as an iteration of Bud Light's viral "Dilly Dilly" campaign , in which medieval characters cheer "Dilly Dilly! The ad then recreates several memorable moments from the series, including the death of Oberyn Martell. But this time The Mountain defeats the "Bud Knight. Drogon, one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, also appears and roasts the entire encampment alive. By the end of the commercial, the full "Game of Thrones" theme song was playing and HBO's logo appeared, reminding viewers the final season was coming on April An HBO press release revealed that the ad's creation "reunited more than 25 people from the 'Game of Thrones' crew under the direction of David Nutter, the man who orchestrated the infamous 'The Red Wedding' episode among others, and the collaboration of showrunners David Benioff and D.

HBO has said that the series would return in April. A second ad ran during the second quarter and an extended version was posted online. In the ad, the kingdom highlighted in the Dilly Dilly world comes together to watch a so-called Bud Knight in competition. Bud Light, the Mountain and a dragon—a holy trinity of epicness! After two decades of not appearing in the Super Bowl, HBO returned last year with a spot promoting the second season of Westworld. That spot was directed by Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan and combined scenes from Season 2 with footage shot exclusively for the Super Bowl ad.

Once the Bud Knight is extinguished in a similar fashion to Oberyn Martell, the spectators at the match become more concerned by a dragon flying their way. The flying reptile proceeds to breathe fire upon all those watching in the Dilly Dilly stadium. It was kept under wraps until it aired during the Super Bowl in order to make as big an impact as possible. Together, we created a very meta campaign with a Thrones-worthy twist that is sure to delight fans of both brands. So, when someone brought us the pitch deck, my creative partner, John Parker, and I were really excited by it. We couldn't ask for anything more. But the first half of the spot needed to live fully in our world.

One of the most shocking moments of Super Bowl LIII had nothing to do with the game there was, in fairness, little shocking or exciting about the game. I'm not joking. The Bud Knight is dead. It's a minute of TV that entertains and intrigues but it also does something more. But if we read a little deeper, there's a fascinating tension in the ad, a maybe unintentional battle between two very common understandings of the Middle Ages that tells us something really interesting about how we think about the medieval in the modern world.

Oh, and there is a dragon. Bud Light, known for delivering iconic Super Bowl commercials, was the top choice and jumped on board immediately. The reveal of the Super Bowl commercial was intentionally left to in-game to maximize the surprise for fans and viewers alike. Simultaneously an extended version was revealed online, with additional Easter eggs for fans of the show to enjoy. Given the high stakes, we needed to create an unforgettable moment that would spark a ton of conversation. Together, we created a very meta campaign with a Thrones-worthy twist that is sure to delight fans of both brands.

About That Medieval Bud Light/ Game Of Thrones Super Bowl Ad

Watch an extended version of the ad above. Showrunners David Benioff and D., While some people are still asking what "dilly dilly" means , the Bud Light ads have taken on a pervasive life of their own. Thursday morning, the company released yet another ad in the popular series predominantly seen during commercial breaks during NFL games.

[Super Bowl LIII] ‘Game of Thrones’ Bud Light Commercial- DILLY DILLY!

HBO wanted its Super Bowl ad for Game of Thrones to deliver storytelling that felt as dramatic and epic as the show itself. With Game of Thrones approaching its final season premiering April 14 the brand wanted to air something that could truly shock a group of fans who, at this point, are pretty damn hard to surprise. And boy, did HBO deliver. In just 60 seconds, HBO once again publicly executed an iconic character, during the second quarter of the Big Game. It started in May of last year. That work would also include a Super Bowl execution for The two talked over concepts for a few months, figuring out how HBO could truly honor all of the Game of Thrones characters who have lost their lives and done just about anything for the throne.


Game of Thrones Dragon Incinerates the Bud Knight in Super Bowl Ad







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  1. Feb 4, Tonight’s (3 February) Super Bowl saw HBO and Bud Light unveil a surprise hybrid commercial, in which Game of Thrones’ The Mountain defeats the Bud Knight and Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon burns the ‘Dilly Dilly’ kingdom to ash. The spot begins as a regular ad from Bud Light, now.

  2. Feb 3, Just over one year later, the Game of Thrones comparison became a 'Dilly Dilly ' Just Went Full 'Game of Thrones' With Its New Commercial.

  3. Feb 3, Game of Thrones took over Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial In the commercial, after the Mountain knocks Dilly Dilly off the horse.

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