Usps work hours and days

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usps work hours and days

A Day In The Life of a Mail Carrier

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In this blog, You will get all your answers related with Saturday and sunday delivery time. The delivery depends on the mail class or service you choose. There are some specify first class mail, retail ground and media mail items is not specified about delivery time. All Priority Mail teams are delivers within business working days. There is no specific delivery time for USPS packages or any other mail items. The delivery time depends on many factors like the volume of mail, the distance of the warehouse where post offices store your mail items to deliver to your house, weather, etc. There is no difference between weekends and other days postal service.

My fourth day delivering mail for the U. Postal Service, it snowed-one of those heavy, wet, spring-in-Colorado snows that knocks down tree branches and crushes newly-bloomed tulips. I was training with a veteran letter carrier on a walk-out route, the type where the carrier pushes a blue buggy full of mail and small packages. I schlepped my disheveled, wet self into downtown businesses where concerned secretaries took pity on me as I handed them their soaked mail. The rude welcome to the Postal Service quickly taught me mail delivery is no leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, dismantling the idyllic image of a smiling Mr.

Postmen, also called postal service mail carriers, work for the U.
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All employees in the supplemental work force are nonbargaining unit employees and are categorized as follows:. Employees in the transitional work force are noncareer bargaining unit employees categorized as transitional employees TEs and utilized in accordance with the terms of their respective collective bargaining agreements. They are hourly rate employees hired for terms designated in the appropriate national bargaining agreement. Basic daily and hourly rates are determined by dividing the basic annual rate BAR as shown in the table below see also The regular rate is defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act see

The Postal Service never charges fees to take an exam or to apply for jobs. Over half of all workers are mail carriers and clerks; however, postal workers are employed in hundreds of diverse occupations, from janitors and truck drivers to accountants, personnel specialists, electronics technicians, and engineers. Apply for federal jobs and private sector jobs to improve your employment opportunities. Getting in is half the battle. If you are qualified in an occupation that currently has no openings, apply for positions that require the exam for entry level positions such as Postal Clerks and Mail Carriers to get in the door. You can also apply for related occupations that you meet the qualifications for.


Post Office Jobs Overview


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  1. How are the working hours at United States Postal Service? On average, how many hours do you work a day at United States Postal Service? Asked January.

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