Hula hoop rock paper scissors

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Hoop hop showdown

hula hoop rock paper scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown

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Individuals with disabilities may contact Jerry Luna at publicfile wthr. All Rights Reserved. Lowell Elementary gym teacher Eric Branch split some of his fourth graders into two teams for an extreme version of Rock, Paper, Scissors using hula hoops that he calls Hoop Hop Showdown. Kids hop through an obstacle of hoops. When they meet their foe in side-by-side hoops, they start a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner keeps hopping on, while the loser gets knocked out of the course. The next person on the losing team starts hoping from the beginning.

One student from each team goes at a time. I tell my students 1 person from your team on the playing board at a time. Students must jump into each hoop to move across the board. As the student is jumping, they can come head to head with another student. The winner of RPS gets to keep jumping. The student that loses then steps out of the hoop and runs back to their team.

Screen capture via Facebook. The future has arrived, my friends, and it is ruthless. Just when you thought all playground games were spentkickball, dodgeball, wall ball, ball ball OK, I made that last one up gym teachers have cooked up a new one for the kiddos. Apparently, the new craze is called Hoop Hop Showdown. And it rules. Hoop Hop Showdown, as it's called according to Eric Branch on Facebook , seems to be a combination of hopscotch and rock, paper, scissors, where you launch two teams into a kind of hula hoop gauntlet, where hopping is the only motion allowed.

Rock Paper Scissors also called Ro Sham Bo is a quick and simple way to solve minor conflicts on the playground and throughout your school. Set out a semi circle U shaped path using cones or other markers. You can also use half of a basketball court. Love implementing Game of the Week? Playworks Trainers are equipped with oodles of tools and tips to help you get a recess and play program going today.

I Beat Pete: Hula Hoop Hop Rock Paper Scissors

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Rock Paper Scissors Relay or Roshambo Relay

Large Group 10 and up. Grades Under 10 minutes. Set out a semi circle U shaped path using cones or other markers. You can also use half of a basketball court. Development Goal To develop listening skills.

If you want a great game that builds teamwork, individual skills, encourages participation and is more active then the original version of rock paper scissors? Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors is an amazing game that everyone loves to play! If you want to mix things up, even more, you could have opponents play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Although that is not recommended because Rock Paper Scissors in its original form is the perfect game! It is a form of a rock paper scissors relay that allows competitors to be active while also competing the best way, with RPS. Eric Branch is a P. On Go, competitors hop from one hula hoop to the next until they meet each other.

Making an "extreme" version of a familiar game doesn't always work out that well. Just ask Slamball and the XFL which is coming back for some reason. Yet, one gym teacher has endeavored to somehow improve upon rock-paper-scissors. Eric Branch, a gym teacher at Indianapolis's Lowell Elementary School, posted a video of a fourth-grade class playing an intense version of the schoolyard classic. It went viral. The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 11 million times in about a week. That number doesn't even account for other views like the below share from ESPN.

Viral video of kids playing hopscotch game with a twist is amazing

What it is : An active game involving hopping and rock-paper-scissors. Now that you get the idea, lets talk specifics! First, setup. Place or tape your hula hoops on the ground, creating one long trail of hula hoops that can wind and curve across the gym. There should be room on each end of the trail for a line of players to stand. Divide your players evenly into two teams and send each team to line up at either end of the hula hoop trail. When they meet each other, they play a quick round of rock-paper-scissors.



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