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What Is a Lob Wedge Used for?

when to use a lob wedge

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Every golfer dreams about being able to hit a ball close to the flag consistently from about 50 to 60 yards out. Until the lob wedge was invented, getting the ball close when the flag is just on the other side of a sand trap was nearly impossible. You must hit the shot high, and impart a lot of backspin to make the ball stop quickly. Lob wedges can help to accomplish this. They are usually are about 60 degrees--or more--which makes a golf ball fly about 15 percent higher than a normal wedge.

The advent of the lob wedge has made some of golf's toughest shots a lot easier. For instance, if you're just off the green but must pitch over a bunker or thick rough to a pin that's very close to the green's edge; facing a shot from 60 yards or less that must carry a hazard and land softly; playing a sand shot where you're forced to clear a steep face directly in front of you; or confronted with a shot over trees. Because it's the shortest, most-lofted club in the bag, the lob wedge is relatively easy to hit solidly. Still, some players struggle because they decelerate the swing or position the ball improperly in their stance. Learn to use the lob wedge and it will become more than just a utility club.

Wedges are the highest-lofted clubs in a set of golf clubs, designed for short approach shots for most golfers, yards and in , strokes played out of sand, chip shots and pitch shots , and generally any shot for which the golfer wants the ball to ascend and descend sharply. Wedges are also irons, but golfers think of wedges as a sub-set of irons, or as specialized irons. They are often thought of as their own category of golf clubs, in other words.
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Odds are your wedge lofts - everything from your sand wedge to your pitching wedge - are messed up. Manufacturers have been strengthening the lofts on irons for decades and while there are merits and demerits to this practice, it does mean that golfers need to pay a little more attention to how the short irons and wedges are spaced within your set. Proper spacing will produce meaningful yardage gaps between clubs and making those distances consistent is going to yield more short shots that finish closer to the hole. Here are some hard and fast rules to help you mind the gaps. Count how many clubs you want in your bag up to and including the 9-iron. Finding a way to make space in your bag for one extra wedge is going to give you the ability to have more specific clubs for certain shots. Know your pitching wedge loft.

A lob wedge , also known as a lofted wedge or an L-Wedge , is a wedge used in the sport of golf , known for being one of the shortest-hitting clubs and providing the most loft on a shot. Lob wedges are used to produce shots with a very high arc , and are most often used for shots over hazards and other obstructions. Due to the high arc of the shot the lob wedge, like the other wedges in the set of irons , produces little roll after landing on the putting green and can even be used to produce backspin if necessary. Lob wedges are one of the newest additions to the modern collection of golf clubs and, along with the sand wedge and gap wedge , were not included prior to Lob wedges are part of the iron family of golf clubs and are designed for short, high arc shots.

Pitching, Gap, Lob & Sand Wedge Lofts: Everything you need to know

Every golfer faces a position in which he has little turf to work with in order to get his ball onto the green. Or he has to chip his ball over a bunker with little landing area.

Meet the Wedges: An Intro for Golf Beginners

Whether you know it or not, you have an addiction to golf, of course, which is wonderful and life-fulfilling, etc. The flop shot was around every corner and, honestly, it was just fun to launch the ball sky-high and stop it by its pitch mark. Not because I solely hit the high-launcher the de-lofted-back-in-the-stance-low-spinner was my go-to. As a professional golfer, no less! Learn when to use these clubs instead of the higher-lofted wedges.



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