Legend of zelda twilight princess walkthrough

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Walkthrough:The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/AmazingLink

legend of zelda twilight princess walkthrough

This chapter covers the normal mode of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii U, check out the The Twilight – HD Version.


As before, you only need to find 12 of the bugs this time, as opposed to the 16 found in the original Gamecube and Wii releases. Still, this is a much harder one than the other two, largely thanks to the Tears of Light being spread much further this time. There is also a video walkthrough below if you want more visuals. Note: All directions are for the regular version of the game, not Hero Mode, which is mirrored making right become left and left become right. Grab him quickly and continue down this way to get to the second one.

Your adventure begins in the town of Ordon, to the south of Hyrule. You have only a couple of days to prepare. Your first task in Ordon is to help Fado round up the goats at the ranch, but before you can do that you need to find your horse, Epona. Go toward the forest to find your friend, Ilia, grooming Epona at the spirit spring. Pick some of the Horse Grass and use it to call Epona. This grass grows throughout the world and it all serves the same purpose.

Hey, I like this cover! It looks A few notes before you go to my walkthrough:. A cut scene with Rusl, the town swordsman, and your walk in the woods will bring you back at your house with your horse missing which I will refer to as Epona, the default name , who was apparently taken by a girl your age if you watched the cut scene. Also, you are being pestered by some incompetent, smelly, retarded ranch hand, and you cannot get to the village.

As the Wii U version is the newest, and most accessible, this a Twilight Princess HD Walkthrough, with references to the other versions. Community Wiki Discord Forums. The Legend of Zelda. The Adventure of Link. Walkthrough 1.

This chapter covers the normal mode of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. Wolf Link will awake just to see that he is locked in a prison cell with his leg chained to the ground. Struggle to escape for a bit and a cut-scene will take place. She seems rather excited to meet you and teases you a bit. Wolf Link will dig underneath and appear on the other side of the cage.


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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough




Twilight Princess walkthrough



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  1. Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U version of the game. The Nintendo Wii U version resembles the original.

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