Difference between jackfruit and durian

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Jackfruit, Durian and Soursop: the same looks, but different

difference between jackfruit and durian


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Lying stretched along the equator Indonesia has it all: tropical islands, volcanoes, waves, wildlife, unique cultures and peoples, yummy cuisine. Go for a journey with us - visit places you've never been before, never heard about before. In our blog we write about Indonesia, its culture and rich historical heritage, our travels and experiences. Soft, succulent, spiky and stinky, Durian fruit is worshipped by some and outlawed by others. Like any good outlaw, durian is tough on the outside with a heart of gold. Then there is a rich glutinous smoothness in the pulp which nothing else possesses, but which adds to its delicacy.

At first sight or a quick glance, may make a Jackfruit look similar to a durian but to a seasoned fruit lover they are rather different. The thick.
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In my opinion, Durian in its many forms , and Jackfruit are two that should very much be on your list. So in the Durian vs Jackfruit debate, what are the differences, and in a little Apple vs Bananas taste, which is the best? To kickoff whilst a Durian and a Jackfruit too almost interchangeable to the untrained eye, they are in fact very, very, very different. The durian is a famously pungent fruit, that is famously banned from many public places in South-East Asia due to said smell. Inside the big husk of durian fruit is yellow seeds encased in an almost custard-like sweet mixture, that is sucked from the seeds. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Durian, westerns, in general, do not like it, but enough with the broad racial stereotypes!

Durian and jackfruit are two of the largest fruits in the world. Although they almost look the same, these two fruits are very different from each other. They are known mainly for their unique and very exotic taste. This is why they are both quite popular in many countries today. Although they both look very weird and unusual, both fruits definitely have their own fans. This is simply because they can both provide you with an amazingly sweet and decadent flavor as well as a rich aroma.

Jackfruit VS Durian: How Can You Tell One From The Other?

Jackfruit vs Durian - In-Depth Nutrition Comparison

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The fruit includes hundreds to thousands of individual flowers. It has sweet, fleshy orange-yellow color petals that are edible. Durian resembles jackfruit in appearance, but they are not related. Like jackfruit, durian is fragrant and flavorful. Jackfruit is a good source of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Durian is also rich in these nutrients. Jackfruit has a good amount of dietary fiber.

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