Mountain lion sightings colorado 2018

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Colorado man spots 4 mountain lions lurking on porch: 'It blew my mind'

mountain lion sightings colorado 2018

And if you do encounter a cougar on the trail, remember to maintain eye contact, move there have been just 16 attacks and three fatalities from mountain lions in Colorado, Photo: Andy Peterson Mountain Lion Attack

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He survived by suffocating the animal. While they make a frightening and scandalous story, mountain lion attacks are exceedingly rare. In the last 30 years, there have been just 16 attacks and three fatalities from mountain lions in Colorado, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He lives in Tennessee now, and was compelled to start his own ministry, Lion King Ministries , after his experience. These are almost top of the food chain animals here," Peterson said. While experts recommend playing dead with some animals, not so with cougars. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also recommends maintaining eye contact, moving slowly and not running away, and making yourself as large and intimidating as possible.

Much of Colorado, including the Front Range, is prime mountain lion country. This simple fact is a surprise to many residents and visitors. These large, powerful predators have always lived here, preying on plentiful deer and playing an important role in the ecosystem. You may live in or recreate in lion country. Like any wildlife, mountain lions can be dangerous. With a better understanding of mountain lions and their habitat, we can coexist with these magnificent animals.


Was it killed by a hunter? That area has a lot of private parcels.

An apex predator found around the state of Colorado, mountain lions are seldom seen, but often a topic of conversation. Here are a few things you should know about this amazing creature. Due to secretive nature typical of a mountain lion, their numbers can be difficult to track. Most recent data released by Colorado Parks and Wildlife indicates that there may be as many as 7, in Colorado. Mountain lions are typically skittish animals when it comes to humans, often opting to avoid contact altogether. That being said, as development continues to move into once-wild terrain around Colorado, mountain lions are being seen more frequently in towns and cities.


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