Ben and jerrys peanut butter core

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List of discontinued Ben & Jerry's flavors

ben and jerrys peanut butter core

WE Shorts - Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Fudge Core

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The Peanut Butter Cookie Core had an odd taste to me, like something was off. But The rest of the pint was PB overload aka delicious. I bought the Speculoos one Needless to say it's already gone. It's not bad, but it wasn't an instant slam dunk like some of their other flavors. I'm going to try the other cores first and then re-scoop this one in the next few days. Absolutely delicious!!!

Just like the original Core flavors, Cookie Cores contain a column of deliciousness running down the middle of the pint, so that each scoop, from the top to the bottom of the carton, contains at least a bit of the Core filling. Instead of the previous incarnations, which had jam, caramel or peanut butter running down the middle, the new Cookie Cores are made of cookies and cookie butter. That means spoonable cookies , just so everyone's clear. The new flavors, pictured above in order from left to right, include Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, Boom Chocolatta! Not only does each pint contain a cookie Core, but each one also contains cookie pieces. Cookie butter , for the uninitiated, is a spread composed of pulverized cookies.

Earlier this year the company came out with five selections of ice cream with a core featuring peanut butter or hazelnut fudge, raspberry or caramel. As a lover of peanut butter my first try had to be the Peanut Butter Fudge Core, consisting of chocolate ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, mini peanut butter cups and a peanut butter fudge core. When I first opened the container I was expecting it to look like this.
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I saw these the other day and decided that the core didn't sound all that appealing so I passed. Glad I did. You know it's bad when you have to eat around the featured ingredient! It just seems like too much going on if that makes any sense. I do look forward to the reviews of the other new core flavors though! Enjoy your weekend! I have tasted this one, the caramel one, and the hazelnut one.

The idea was pure genius and highly successful, if you ask my freezer, which currently contains three pints of the stuff. Speaking of EpiPens, have you ever seen the commercial that advertises them? All other peanut butter cookies pale in comparison, and I hate the taste of artificial peanut butter flavoring, so I approached Peanut Buttah Cookie Core with caution. Then again, they do love insults. Smooth yet crunchy, cookie yet buttery, it is rich, delicious and everything that a Cookie Core should be. The first is that it comes off as having only one note of flavor.


Peanut Butter Fudge Core

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Fudge Core

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Buttah Cookie Core Ice Cream


Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Fudge Core (Pint)





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