Why are dogs good pets

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10 reasons why dogs are the best pets

why are dogs good pets

Are you wondering why dogs make good pets? The benefits far outweigh any costs associated. Take a look at these five reasons why!.

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The connection between humans and dogs has been long acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds around - even if, at some point, they will inevitably try to steal a sausage off your plate. Their positive attitude is infectious. Dogs get so excited over the simplest things — sticks, discarded food wrappers, a trip to the corner shop — that they make you appreciate the little things in life. No one can be sad with a waggy-tailed friend around. They do their business outside. While teenagers might greet you with a grunt when you arrive back from the office, your dog will be positively beside itself at your arrival.

From helping you to get fit to meeting new people, your puppy can actually help to improve your health and social life. Want to find out more? Keep reading to discover the benefits of dogs! Nothing beats a long walk with your four-legged friend on a fresh, spring morning. One of the key benefits of having a dog is that they significantly increase the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis — and you might not even notice it!

Today, there are a variety of pets that a person could choose from. From puppies, to kittens, to fish, to hamsters. The type of pet you choose really says something about the type of person you are. As the weather gets nicer and nicer, puppy fever spreads like wildfire across the country. Throughout my life, I've had five different dogs and have experienced all the love and loyalty these sweet pets can provide their owners. From the 20 years experience I've had growing up with dogs, here are 10 reasons I believe dogs are wo man's best friend.

7 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

This article will break down 5 reasons why dogs make good pets and why you should go adopt a pup today. Home invaders are far less likely to intrude on your home if they hear or see a dog present.

10 Reasons Dogs Are The Best Pets

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All rights reserved. To Bridgett von Holdt 's month-old English sheepdog Marla, the entire world is a friend she has yet to meet. The Princeton evolutionary biologist and colleagues have spent the last three years studying the underlying genetic basis for social behavior in dogs and wolves. Read why dogs are even more like us than we thought. Studies have shown that dogs are more sociable than wolves raised in similar circumstances, generally paying more attention to humans and following our directions and commands more effectively.

Interacting with a pet dog actively lowers your stress levels, leading to more relaxation, better moods, and less anxiety. That seems like a pretty worthwhile investment. What does that mean? Your dog makes your life better — so give them the best care with Medibank Pet Insurance. Written by Medibank. As well as delicious food ideas, health and wellbeing articles, expert advice, offers and promotions straight to your inbox each week. By clicking continue I understand and agree to Medibank's privacy policy.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Dogs (And One Health Risk)

There's a reason why dogs have been called man's best friend. From licking your face when you wake up to sitting on your feet when your toes are cold, dogs serve as a gentle alarm clock and the best slippers you'll ever have. Own one and you might even take fewer trips to the doctor. Let's face it -- cats don't care about you unless you bring them food. Fish are perfectly happy as long as your fingers drop pellets into the water each day. And hamsters hardly need mere humans when they have the wonderful spinning wheel.

Studies show that having a canine companion is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels, which contribute to better overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. Health experts recommend that adults get about 2 hours and 30 minutes worth of moderate exercise per week. Dog owners are way more likely to hit that goal. Want to drop a few pounds? Grab Fido and get hoofing.



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  1. The connection between humans and dogs has been long acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds around - even if, at some point, they.

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