Princess mishaal bint fahd al saud

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The Mysterious Murder of a Saudi Princess and Her Lover

princess mishaal bint fahd al saud

Princess Mashaal bint Fahd al Saud was a member of the House of Saud who was executed by gunshot for commiting adultery in , at the age of


Photo added by HalfBloodPrincess. Born Princess Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud, she was a Saudi Arabian princess, who was publicly executed by her family for adultery at age According to the documentary, she was attending the American university in Beirut. She fell in love with the son of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, but was summoned by the family to Riyadh to marry a man old enough to be her father. Eloping with her lover, she was married in Jeddah and from there made plans to flee the country. She and her lover were caught at the airport in Jeddah, and were later executed. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request.

July 15th, Headsman. The princess, in a youthful arranged marriage by most accounts, took up with a Saudi boy while both were studying abroad in cosmopolitan Beirut, and dangerously attempted to maintain the affair back in the royal kingdom to the point of a quixotic and obviously foiled escape attempt. Small wonder that, once it did , the blended motifs of Romeo and Juliet , harem titillation and oil politics made dynamite material for high-, middle- or lowbrow exploitation. In , the affair became the subject of one of the most notorious television programs ever aired, the docudrama Death of a Princess. It was aired on in the United States on PBS in to similar controversy , as oil companies rushed to distance themselves from it. Rebroadcast in , Death of a Princess is available online for your judgment as is this partial script : is this a muckraking expose of a shameful crime?

Carpenter Barry Milner was returning to his hotel from work in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah when he heard that a man was about to be beheaded nearby. The year-old rushed to the scene, armed with a small Instamatic camera that he hid in his cigarette box a risky move. When he arrived, he saw not one person die, but two. The first was a year-old Saudi princess named Mishaal bint Fahd bin Mohammed, the great-niece of the ruling King Khalid. She was shot three times.

The outlandish, the anomalous and the curious from the last five thousand years. If anyone can help it would be great to get some definite answers. Was she married? Here Beach lacks the necessary background in Islamic marriage law. Most other sources claim that they met in Lebanon. Were they lovers?

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Death of a Princess 1/2 ??????(?)

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures., A Saudi Arabian Princess and her husband have been executed in public because she eloped with a commoner. A Special Correspondent reports.




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