Is it a sin to mastaurbate as a christian

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Is Masturbation a Sin in Christianity?

is it a sin to mastaurbate as a christian

Calling masturbation "sin" misses the larger point of God's design for sexuality. Ultimately, masturbation reveals that we need God to heal our hurts. The Bible never directly addresses it, and Christian leaders have different opinions about its.


Powered by WordPress. I wondered if I could present it in a manner that would be received maturely and with grace. I found this information and I thought it spoke pretty eloquently to the subject matter. Others find the touching of ones own body completely repulsive — dirty if you will. The two are at complete odds with one another, creating a chasm that is often left unchecked. Interestingly enough, many people women especially are accused of not knowing what makes their own bodies work, which ultimately causes major frustrations in their sex lives.

After a long conversation about love and God and concerns over family and employment after graduation, she falls silent. I sense she is weighing whether or not to continue the conversation. Then, in a burst of bravado, she plows through her reservations and blurts out: "I struggle with masturbation. In our first meeting, she revealed that she has struggled with masturbation since junior high but has managed not to masturbate for two years. Angela has been sexually active and comes from a family that professes to be Christian but is inundated with perversion. Jasmine, on the other hand, appears to be the "perfect" Christian girl, ministering alongside her father the pastor of her church and her mother.

Among the world's religions, views on masturbation vary widely. Some religions view it as a spiritually detrimental practice, some see it as not spiritually detrimental and others take a situational view. Among these latter religions, some view masturbation as allowable if used as a means towards sexual self-control , or as part of healthy self-exploration, but disallow it if it is done with wrong motives or as an addiction. Masturbation was now valued as an adult, non-pathological, pleasurable activity. Due to this cultural change across the spectrum, even theological reassessments of masturbation as a positive sexual practice were possible — though, admittedly, rare.

Sin is often the result of lust or wrong selfish desire. This fact forms the primary basis of answering this question. Jesus tells us in Matthew Matthew But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. The Bible specifically forbids adultery, fornication, homosexual sex, incest, bestiality and lust but does not mention masturbation or self-stimulation. Masturbation as part of sexual relations between married partners would not be classified as sin. Addictions to porn and masturbation will reinforce each other.

Does the Bible talk about masturbation? Is it a sin? Where can we find Scriptures to know if masturbation is right or wrong? While Christians debate the topic of masturbation, there is no passage in Scripture that directly mentions the act. One of the major sexual issues discussed throughout Scripture is lust. Jesus condemned lust in the heart as adultery in the book of Matthew.

Is Masturbation A Sin For Christians?

Masturbation, the Bible, & Is Self-Pleasure Wrong in Christianity

Religious views on masturbation

The easy answer is that the Bible is silent on this issue, because the word "masturbation" itself doesn't appear. For such a subject, we must be careful of laying down burdensome rules Col , but the Bible says "don't use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature" Gal , so we need to be deeply honest with ourselves what is driving a desire to masturbate. If we consider carefully what the Bible teaches in these areas, most people would have to conclude that masturbation is something that Christians should avoid. And of course, we know right from the creation account that sex is made by God as a gift to be shared in the one-flesh relationship between a man and a woman Gen Practically, the first step for a Christian might be to ask the Holy Spirit Gal why you masturbate and to reflect on the Bible references above. Once you have identified what drives your need to masturbate, here are some practical ideas for breaking free from an addiction to masturbation:.






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  2. Masturbation is the experience of sexual orgasm produced by self-stimulation . Our only hope of overcoming this sin is to depend upon God.

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