Samsung galaxy s7 active review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: Durable Greatness

samsung galaxy s7 active review

There's no beating the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active if your phone routinely takes a beating. Its shatterproof screen and water- and dust-resistant.

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The Galaxy S7 Active crams the best features of Samsung's excellent flagship into an very durable design. We retested the phone and updated the review to reflect our new test results. Thanks to the Galaxy S7 Active, "rugged" is no longer a dirty word. Sure, this sporty take on Samsung's flagship is all about taking a beating, with a military-tested design that you can slam on the floor or dunk into a pool of water with no problem. While it's annoying that the phone is only available through a single carrier and it carries too much bloatware, the S7 Active is one of the best durable smartphones you can buy. Naturally, our first instinct was to toss the phone all around our office building and throw it in a bowl of water. Once I got my hands on a review unit, I tossed the device down a step staircase multiple times, and the only real damage I noticed were a few scratches on the back.

The Galaxy S7 Active crams the best features of Samsung's excellent flagship into an incredibly durable design.
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Like I said in the introduction, whether you're looking for a phone with the best display, best camera, best durability, or best battery life, The S7 Active covers all those areas in one rugged package. Performance isn't the best out of all the The Galaxy S7 Active is the closest thing you can get to a truly rugged phone with high-end flagship specs. At it's worst, the Active is still just a Galaxy S7. But at it's best, it's something a little The Galaxy S7 Active is for those who are looking for a strong smartphone with stellar

It has has the same speedy performance, expandable storage and excellent camera quality as the original S7. The Bad The bulky, plastic design feels cheap compared with the glass-and-metal S7 and the phone is expensive. I praised Samsung's Galaxy S7 Active in my initial review -- for its beautiful 2,x1,pixel resolution display, speedy processor, excellent megapixel rear camera and the largest battery Samsung has ever put in a smartphone. But the failure of its water-resistant coating threw cold water in my face. Rated IP68, the S7 Active is supposed to survive submersion in 5 feet of water 1. When the Active failed waterproof tests conducted by Consumer Reports , we ran several more tests ourselves.

There's no beating the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active if your phone routinely takes a beating. Asking for a friend. The S7 Active is a rugged Android phone that takes everything we loved about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and wraps it into a much tougher, water-resistant package that's easier to grip and harder to break, just like last year's Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. But Samsung uses that increased thickness to its advantage in other ways. In addition to being reinforced in every way imaginable, the S7 Active battery life is much better than what you'll find within many of the best phones today.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

Smartphones are shockingly fragile and rarely well suited to the rigors of daily life. A spilled glass of water can wipe out the internals, a tumble onto the pavement can shatter the screen, and a breath of dust can disturb the ports. There are rugged phones like the ones from Panasonic and Caterpillar, but they are really only good for construction workers.




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  1. The Galaxy S7 Active has everything we love about the original model, but with a tougher build and a battery that lasts for days.

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