Pregnant after miscarriage and scared

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Pregnant Again After Miscarriage or Other Pregnancy Loss

pregnant after miscarriage and scared

My Journey to Pregnancy After Miscarriage ????


I'll never forget that moment. I sat in my doctor's exam room, eagerly awaiting a first glimpse of my baby's heartbeat. I imagined watching it, a tiny flicker on the screen, feeling instantly connected to the life inside me. I never imagined the doctor looking at me and saying, in his most clinical voice, "I'm sorry. There's no heartbeat. That moment has stayed with me, seven years and two kids later. A miscarriage is a scar that never fully fades; no matter how much time goes by, a shadow of that loss always lingers.

Losing your baby at any stage can be devastating, and the fear of it happening again may tempt you to forgo trying to have another child. Fear, anxiety, and dread are all normal responses after a period of loss and grief. But if you're committed to having a baby and want to try again after miscarriage , there are ways to control your anxiety and remain optimistic: Consult your doctor. Before you try to conceive again, discuss your concerns with your physician. Make sure you have his or her blessing; you'll want your practitioner to be your partner all along the way.

T he first sign we had that I was pregnant again was a home test. I peed on the plastic wand and then attempted to putter casually about the kitchen for three minutes as I waited for the result.
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Whether this applies to you or someone you care about, here are 23 things I wish someone would have told me about pregnancy after miscarriage. You feel defeated and like you failed. The worst part is you then wait another two weeks to try again and start the whole torturous cycle over again. I actually stared at it in disbelief. Second, when I did let the realization that I was pregnant again sink in, it was as if fear decided to barge through the door. It might sound strange, but having to go pee is a terrifying experience.

I know how scary this can feel. Here is my story, I hope it helps you find joy in your next pregnancy, and know that you are not alone in this journey. These are the words the emergency room OBGYN said to me, as she leaned in close and gently touched the side of my face. We had just spent the night investigating whether my pregnancy could have survived the amount of vaginal bleeding I had. Another pregnancy lost, and this one was harder for me for some reason.

I find it therapeutic to write about it , oddly, but talking it about it casually with loved ones still isn't easy. The reason behind this is simple—at least to me: During my last pregnancy, I miscarried twin boys and it was devastating. Before our loss, my husband and I had already told our sons that they would be having not one, but two little brothers, and we loved telling everyone about our news. Suddenly, none of that mattered anymore. And when well-meaning friends wanted to throw me a baby shower, I asked if we could just have a regular brunch with no baby theme instead.

23 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

I'm Scared • Pregnancy After Loss



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