Path of exile betrayal starter builds

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POE Betrayal Elementalist Arc Starter Build - Cheap, Safe, Fully SSF Capable

path of exile betrayal starter builds

Starter Builds For Betrayal League

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Help her to manipulate their ranks, reveal the identities of their members, uncover their safehouses and take down their mastermind. The Immortal Syndicate has four divisions, each with its own goals: Fortification, Transportation, Research and Intervention. In each area, you will encounter a Syndicate member. Other members can show up to aid their friends or sabotage their enemies. When the battle is over, you must decide how to continue your investigation. The Deadeye is an offense-oriented class that focuses on projectile damage and area of effect.

Sign Up PC. View Staff Posts Post Reply. Hello fellow people. So I decided to show my League Starter for Betrayal here. There is more Cyclone HoA builds here but with pretty big budget and some sort of BS stuffed in it - so take mine. If you are interested in more versions of this build let me know.

In this build, we can use Arc as our main skill to perform well. Arc is a lightning spell that creates a chaining pulse. This is the endgame setup, for Act check out the Leveling Section! This buff counters our high lightning damage range by rolling each damage roll twice and taking the higher one. However, it can still happen that it rolls two low values and you end up getting a few small hits. Instead of artificially inflating tooltip numbers, our support gem setup is laid out for the highest real damage output.

Path of Exile is an enormous game with so many different facets it can make your head start to spin. Failing to understand some of the fundamentals will cripple your ability to make progress in the game, or make it feel far more difficult or sluggish than should be.
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There have been some major shakeups, and many new skills. This will be including some new skills which are performing well so far, as well as some reliable builds from previous leagues. There will be a notes section at the bottom on why we decided not to include certain builds. Brands are a new archetype introduced this league. Storm does lightning damage, Armageddon does fire damage.

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I forgot my password. Betrayal League is launching soon alongside Patch 3. This is the biggest update of , and a lot of changes will be introduced including:. Below, we are presenting the best 5 Starter Builds for the Betrayal League, based on our experience and upcoming changes. We have decided to include one build of each of the following types: Melee, Ranged, Spellcaster, Minion, Miner to give you a bit more diversity. They are not set in any particular order, so don't strictly expect the first build on the list to be the very top one. Also, since there are a lot of new skills, items, and other major changes.

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