Best mexican restaurants in pilsen

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best mexican restaurants in pilsen

Best Mexican Restaurants in Pilsen (Chicago): See TripAdvisor traveler reviews of Mexican Restaurants in Pilsen Chicago.

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At this tiny Pilsen storefront, regulars get special treatment a. Ordered by the pound, the juicy pork is served to you on a platter with nothing but a side of corn tortillas and a spicy salsa verde so that you can concoct your own tacos. Not leaving any part of the pig to waste, the limited menu also includes fresh, warm, delicious pork rinds. Topolobampo alum chef Anselmo Ramirez helms this Albany Park spot. Ramirez does red meats bestso pick the tender carne asada, with wood-grilled skirt steak served alongside a hefty container of warm tortillas and a side of black beans, guac and salsa. Thick handmade tortillas, salsas made to order, cinnamon-laced horchata. You can get all of that here.

Located in the Lower West Side of Chicago, Pilsen is an artsy area, grounded in its vibrant youth and plush culture. The town tells a history of immigration, working class, and innovation, leaving every corner with something spontaneous to offer. Nightlife, bars, and most importantly, savory eateries have been the staple of Pilsen for quite some time. And being that the immigration history pertains a large cluster predominately of Latino residents since the s, there is no better place to be for authentic Mexican cuisine. For classic Mexican cuisine and incredible service, 5 Rabanitos is a must-try. Their tacos are delicious and filling.

The 22 best Mexican restaurants in Chicago

Pilsen has something for everyone. Want a giant plate of carnitas with fresh, crisp pork rinds?


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  1. Packed with Pilsen flavor, here are some authentic and wholly vibrant Mexican Restaurants in Pilsen.

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