No good deed goes undone

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

no good deed goes undone

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. A very opportune article indeed. Interestingly, the author correlates racial deprivation with self-control. In either case, the human physiology ends up with damning effects, weight gain, change in metabolism, high blood pressure or all the above. People do practice self control of all sorts but its NOT perseverance, its inflicting self pain to seek higher purpose or determination.

As a parent, I find myself often telling my children that their benevolence will reap rewards. When they act in caring and helpful ways, especially for those in need, they will feel good about what they have done and others will appreciate it, too. Sadly, we know this is not always the case. Beneficial actions can be met with outright hostility, and trying to explain that sad fact to our children is difficult. Three recent events are textbook examples of the well-known aphorism, "No good deed goes unpunished.

Self-control improves your prospects. But it may harm your health

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No good deed goes unpunished All helpful urges should be circumvented No good deed goes unpunished. We all know that Karma can be a bitch, but sometimes it's a total Jerkass. It's not enough that the bad guy is a Karma Houdini. It's not even enough that he's a Butt Monkey or Chew Toy , put through the wringer for no reason, not to mention having to deal with The Call Knowing Where He Lives , a Clingy MacGuffin and being constantly threatened with Death By Pragmatism if he dares respond to a problem in the way a normal person would and should. No, sometimes fate isn't satisfied until disaster befalls the good guy purely as a result of his doing the right thing. If this happens because the hero helps people who are ungrateful, it can be a case of All of the Other Reindeer or The Farmer and the Viper. More often, helping out exposes the hero to some other danger, like the wrath of a villain whose plans were disrupted by said good deed, or the wrath of a populace that is opposed to the method of said helping out, such as in many Burn the Witch stories that involve actual witches, or being Arrested for Heroism.

The phrase ' No good deed goes unpunished' is a sardonic commentary on the frequency with which acts of kindness backfire on those who offer them. In other words, those who help others are doomed to suffer as a result of their being helpful. Grier, banker Andrew W. Mellon , [2] and Oscar Wilde , although its actual origin has never been established. In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition , the th rule states that "No good deed ever goes unpunished.

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