Ãエス な 妹 と 3 人 の 嫁

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Nueva Andalucia Guide

ドエス な 妹 と 3 人 の 嫁 and

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Nueva Andalucia is located basically next to the famous Puerto Banus , separated from it by the N road, which is also the main road to get around on the Costa del Sol. The Bullring on the right marks the entrance of Nueva Andalucia, and the road that climbs towards the mountains offers a magnificent view of the coast. And on a sunny clear day, you might even see North Africa! Nueva Andalucia is also close to San Pedro, which is a refreshingly unspoilt "pueblo" with an appeal all of its own. For shopping visit the Centro Plaza shopping centre where you can find different goods as well as, restaurants, bars and also a beauty parlour and a gym. Nueva Andalucia is within walking distance to all the shops in Puerto Banus as well as the marina.

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