Do gays go to hell

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Will Gays go to heaven?

do gays go to hell

Does the Bible Say Anything About Homosexuality?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has accused Bill Shorten of taking a cheap shot at him over his response to a question on whether gay people go to hell. Mr Morrison released a statement clarifying his position after earlier avoiding a direct answer to the question from a journalist. It was a desperate, cheap shot from Bill Shorten who is looking to distract attention from his housing tax that will undermine the value of people's homes," Mr Morrison said in the statement on Tuesday. He later repeated his criticism of Mr Shorten, telling reporters in northwest Tasmania the Labor leader was trying to "cynically exploit an issue that has nothing to do with this election". Earlier, Mr Shorten said Mr Morrison should have immediately ruled out the idea that gay people go to hell, when asked about it on Monday. The question was put to the Pentecostal prime minister amid a furore over Australian rugby player Israel Folau who posted a biblical passage on social media saying "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves atheists and idolators" would go to hell unless they repent.

I think everyone will agree that we sin after we are regenerated. I know I have sinned many times after God saved me some 25 years ago. I do not anticipate there will be a day in my life when I will not sin. I say this shamefully. Do I enjoy my sin? Yes, at times. There is pleasure in sin for a period of time.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hit back at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in an argument over whether gay people will go to hell, after both leaders fielded questions about Christian faith and gay rights. Mr Morrison accused Mr Shorten of a "cheap shot" over the question on Tuesday and made it clear he did not believe that gay people would go to hell, one day after giving a less direct answer to the question. Scott Morrison has accused Bill Shorten of taking a "cheap shot". Credit: Dominic Lorrimer. The Prime Minister issued the statement one day after being asked about his personal beliefs while campaigning in Perth on Monday, giving a response that led Mr Shorten to warn against the "madness of division and toxicity" in the election debate on social questions.

No, the Bible never says lesbians are going to hell because they are lesbians. And you can know for sure you are going to heaven when you die. The Bible does make it clear that God is not a politically correct hybridization of Grandpa and Santa Claus. He possesses all of these attributes and therefore He cannot simply ignore sin. God's righteousness demands that our sins must be paid for. The God of the Bible loves us and wants to save us from our sins. Because we sin and rebel against God, no matter how good our intentions, we are not good enough to get into heaven based on our own goodness.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer Says All Gay Tops and Bottoms Go to Hell

Fischer also says Pete Buttigieg is "prancing" around the nation and that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles. He then cited the sins listed by St. - The leaders of both of Australia's major political parties agreed that gays do not go to hell because of their sexual orientation, as Christian beliefs rose to extraordinary prominence in the final days of an election campaign.

Morrison accuses Shorten of taking a 'cheap shot' over gays going to hell



Australian political leaders agree gays don’t go to hell





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  1. The short answer is 'yes, there is a possibility that a practicing homosexual can go to heaven.

  2. Will being gay send me to hell? The bad news is that we all deserve to go to hell: “There is none righteous, no, not one,” writes the Psalmist (Psalm ).

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