El super show de los vaskez en vivo 2018

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List of awards and nominations received by Super Junior

el super show de los vaskez en vivo 2018


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This is a list of official music or promotional videos by South Korean boy band Super Junior and its sub-groups, released by SM Entertainment. A music video of "Sorry Sorry-Answer", was released on 10 December in celebration of the live album. It is the second promotional single for the group's third studio album Sorry and was digitally released on May 11, Three new tracks were added to the single on May 14, , the same day as the physical release of the repackaged version of Sorry, Sorry. The collaboration was first announced on April 21, in which the group described the song to be "a mellow but trendy dance song" and unlike the lively songs that E-Tribe has written for female singers; the song incorporates heavy electronic influences to a MIDI sequence, it is expected to earn the same success as the urban funk song "Sorry, Sorry. Despite the leak, the single was released as a digital single on May 11, , became the 1 song on Cyworld after only four hours of release.

Artists Songs. Jared Anthony - Change Lyrics chords:. Dejame Decirte chords:. Josef Hader - Wie des Leben hoit so is chords:. Red Sovine - Satisfied Mind.

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El Super Show de los Vaskez - Morena Consentida

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. - Super Junior has won numerous awards and recognitions since their K-pop debut in , their introduction to the Mandopop industry in and to the J-pop industry in Super Junior won most of their awards in South Korea, but they have also won many awards and nominations globally; the group has recorded eight studio albums and seven CD singles , but they have released a total of 20 different kinds of records, including featurings and sub-unit recordings.







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