Sweet bro and hella jeff

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Stairs Shirt (SunShine)

sweet bro and hella jeff

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The comic has become an in-joke within the Homestuck fandom and has been the subject of numerous parody videos and fan arts. In the comic, the bearded character Sweet Bro falls down a flight of stairs while carrying a stack of video games.
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It also exists on the real-world web here. It is quite possibly, no, surely the greatest, deepest, most inspiring webcomic ever unparalleled to any other webcomics that have existed or will exist. It involves the adventures of two guys living in the same house who speak in much the same way as Dave, but with worse spelling. The first character, "Sweet Bro," is the bearded and strangely unfortunate straight man of the duo, with "Hella Jeff" acting as the foil. The comic itself is maintained and updated "ironically" thus the obviously shoddy layout and art style, the purposefully absurd compression artifacts, and the haphazard spellings that look like a drunkard typed them , with the general premise and character archetypes being a tangible dig at existing webcomics 1 , 2.

Posted by willwalters on April 28, The problem, though, with analyzing this sort of trend, is that a style must be traced back to its origins and followed throughout its development in order for its full life cycle to be entirely understood. With that in mind, I will hold off introducing the subject of my analysis until its predecessors are introduced. The first piece of background necessary is an explanation of the webcomic. A comic strip is a pretty easy form to comprehend: a series of panels comprising several cartoon images.

Not too long ago, I became aware of something called "seapunk. As it turns out, "seapunk" is far less serious. Unlike the other variations, seapunk leans far more heavily on the "punk" part. There's a ton of bright colors -- teals, purples and greens -- plus mermaids, dolphins and other aquatic life. There's also the inherent silliness, which includes '90s nostalgia. Search "seapunk" on Tumblr the alleged breeding ground for this microculture and you run into the sorts of jerky animated GIFs and visual callbacks to Windows

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

I swear, ever since Hussie vastly reduced his social media presence towards the end of Homestuck, his cryptid powers have grown exponentially. With no other explanation whatsoever. Whether or not it was an intentional allusion, this similarity prompted me to think about the connections between Dave, Dirk, their bros, death, and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.

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Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a webcomic which is pretty much the epitome of the Stylistic Suck trope in its medium. Originally spawned by Andrew Hussie from an exchange on the Penny Arcade forums, it was some time thereafter integrated into Homestuck as a Show Within a Show , ostensibly written by Dave Strider. Notably, when it was first released, there was a limited time offer to pay 50 dollars to get it signed by Dave himself compared to the mere 5 dollar price for Andrew's signature. A second book, co-authored by Hussie, KC Green and infamous Twitter shitposter dril, has been announced via Kickstarter. While not even remotely as successful as the Hiveswap version, it has also been funded. It seems to be completely original, involving the titular characters in the "Quest for the Missing Spoon".

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a webcomic in the world of Homestuck written by Dave Strider. It also exists on the real-world web here. It is quite possibly, no, surely.
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