Videos of people on meth

Methamphetamine (Meth)

videos of people on meth

Crystal Methamphetamine Side Effects Documentary

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An anti-drugs video has been created, warning of the horrific effects methamphetamine can have on users. The video shows pictures of people's faces before and after they became hooked on the highly addictive drug , allowing addicts and potential users to see the immense physical impact. Facial changes are clear to see just months after first taking the drug, with dramatic changes visible after a few years. The officer began taking mugshots of people brought in to police custody more than once, showing the stark effects visually. His Faces of Meth site says:. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons.

In the United States, methamphetamine is making a comeback. Following the legalization of medical marijuana in California, Mexican cartels pivoted to the production of pure liquid meth, which is brought across the border and crystallized in conversion labs. Philip Hyden, a child abuse specialist who has worked across the U. Since , Dr. Fresno experiences a high incidence of child abuse, and Dr. Hyden attributes one cause to the high rate of methamphetamine addiction in the region.

Improbably, Meth Tumblr functions as as a celebratory safe space for a drug that is oft-reviled; even more improbably, it exists within the confines of a microblogging platform owned by a telecom giant that has been on a puritanical crusade against prurient content. Interestingly, Tumblr's social media platform peers do not have the same meth enthusiast subculture, at least not one that is as easily discovered. Within Meth Tumblr's world of hashtags, many users' posts consist of images only: TweakerGirls reveals numerous selfies of women blowing clouds of meth smoke. Interestingly, the male equivalent, TweakerGuys, had far less content. The number of different meth-related hashtags and images hint at an entire community of tweakers who have found each other on Tumblr to talk about and celebrate meth use in all its various forms, from smoking to injecting to insufflating to even ingesting. In that post's comments, users debated the merits of ingesting meth.

By Emily Smith. A wired-looking Brooke Mueller was caught on the footage, obtained by Page Six, crouching in a van strewn with trash, rolling a drug pipe between her fingers and clutching a lighter. She was preparing to light up her drug pipe while one of her 9-year-old twin sons with Sheen, Bobby, sat alone in a room at an airport hotel in Spokane, Wash. The incident occurred in July The July hotel incident in Spokane shows that she was back off the wagon again at least a year ago. The wild Washington weekend trip began when Mueller flew there alone and headed to the strip club State Line Showgirls, the first source said.

One recovering addict believes methamphetamine has been able to fly under the radar, hiding under the increased attention to opioid use and deaths in the U. That was when he was 15, living in the Southern California desert community of Joshua Tree. From there, his life spiraled into a routine of using and stealing. Listen below:. He said he used meth casually through high school and while serving in the U. National Guard. Now 49 years old, Lagassa is the Director of Operations at Boardwalk Recovery Center in Pacific Beach, where he makes a difference in the lives of many still struggling with drug addiction.


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