Gripe water vs gas drops

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Gripe Water vs Gas Drops

gripe water vs gas drops

A baby with colic can cause distress for caregivers, and many turn to home remedies to soothe a baby's discomfort. Gripe water and gas drops.


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When we give her the over-the-counter gas drops, it usually seems to make her feel better. Are there any risks from giving her the gas drops every day? Is there anything else we should be doing for her? Fussiness is common and can be a normal part of infant behavior. Over-the-counter gas drops usually contain simethicone, a medicine designed to relieve painful symptoms associated with having too much gas in the stomach and intestines. Simethicone is generally a safe medication for babies.

Unfortunately, no remedy has been proven to reduce a baby's colic symptoms. However, some parents use gripe water or gas drops to treat.
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What is the difference and which do you mommas prefer?? Everything I look up just basically says it's for their tummies. I have both I think both work well. I like the gripe water cause it helps with hiccups, but down side you have to give a bigger dose and sometimes that's difficult to give baby.. She hates the taste and always acts as if its choking her to swallow it. We both had to change clothes!!!

Can gripe water or gas drops treat colic?

Gripe Water vs. Gas Drops: Which Is Best for My Child?

Colic is a condition that causes babies to cry for hours at a time with no clear cause. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , an estimated 20 percent of babies will develop colic. Babies with colic will usually begin crying at roughly the same time every day, often in the later afternoon or evening. Colic can occur in normal, healthy babies. The condition most often starts when a baby is about 3 to 4 weeks old. The condition tends to subside at 3 to 4 months.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Gas Drops for Fussiness

Gas and tummy troubles are almost par-for-the-course in newborns and babies because of their immature digestive systems. And parents desperate to find some form of relief for their tiny new arrivals often have gripe water recommended by their pediatrician as one potential remedy to try. But what exactly is gripe water, how well does it work to relieve gas bubbles among other ailments , and is it right for your baby? Gripe water is an over-the-counter liquid supplement of sodium bicarbonate and herbs such as fennel, ginger, chamomile, cardamom, licorice, cinnamon, clove, dill, lemon balm or peppermint, depending on the formula. Some experts think gripe water might be effective at soothing fussy babies simply because it tastes sweet. It depends on the specific brand and ingredients. You should always ask your doctor for a recommendation for gripe water and any other remedy you're thinking of giving your baby.

I have been using gripe water for 5 week old, absolutely love it. I had previously used it with my older boys and that's when I had to have family bring it over from England. Started 3 month old on simethicone. Seems to help with gas pain. Happier baby. When awake not cranky. Not lifting knees to chest.

By Cameron French Apr 16, Photo: iStockphoto. Of course, both excessive crying and gas are a normal part of being a baby, and baby burps can even be cute! But when it reaches a certain point, parents may feel the urge to turn to a remedy that goes beyond bicycle kicks and tummy rubs. Baby gas drops such as the Ovol brand are one popular option.

As a parent, there is little that is more stressful than a seemingly inconsolable baby.
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However, modern American society has sort-of embraced this culture of mystery and parental helplessness around infants. And I get it! But this kind of thinking encourages parents to embrace the feeling of helplessness. Often you hear parents saying or you have said! My sweet sweet nephew JJ certainly gave my brother and sister-in-law a rough go in his first few months.

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