Maytag washer error code e01

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Maytag Washer Error Codes

maytag washer error code e01

Whirlpool Washer FIX E01 F09

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Thank you for your post on The Appliance Repair Forum today. But I will be more then Happy to assist you. And down on the bottom is the MCU motor control board. Thanks for the quick response, as I stated in the original post I have already replaced the motor control board and the main control board, neither of which helped. It turns on, lights up, but when you hit the start button in any mode you hear a few clicks and the unit does nothing with the exception of a soft thunking noise coming from the motor. After a few minutes it throws the fault codes.

Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01 F9E1 Fix Repair Clear Error . MAYTAG WASHER MACHINE repair error codes F01, F06, E01, E
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Maytag Washer Flashing E01 and F06 Codea

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Maytag F9-E1 Error Code

So you're exactly right, E01 F09 means you have a drain issue. There is a drain catch inside the washer that you will want to access and clean.
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This is his first kid-free trip in a long time and my first time watching both Frugal kids alone for an extended period. I walked into the house that afternoon and was greeted by the chirping of the washer. E01 F The LED panel blinked flashed the error code over and over. The error had appeared a few days earlier but canceling out the cycle and restarting seemed to work fine. No such luck this time.


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