Minimum wage in la california

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California's Minimum Wage Law Bumps Employees Up Jan. 1

minimum wage in la california

Los Angeles, California has a municipal minimum wage that is higher than the California state minimum wage of

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Did you know that the minimum wage for those that work within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County is higher than the minimum wage set by the State of California? This minimum wage set by LA County for those who work in unincorporated areas applies to employees if they work at least two hours in a week, regardless of their immigration or work status. Many California cities have also enacted their own wage ordinances, including the City of Los Angeles, which increases the rates according to the same schedule as Los Angeles County. All employers in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County must post a workplace poster in an area visible to employees that notes the current minimum wage rates and the schedule on which it continues to increase through July 1, Some employers may try to avoid paying the LA County minimum wage by instead paying the CA minimum wage, failing to raise minimum wage rates each year according to the schedule, and failing to post this poster.

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The California Labor Code requires an increase to the state minimum wage each year. Effective Jan. In addition to the statewide minimum wage, several cities and counties have adopted their own minimum wage requirements; more information is available on the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center website. Like the statewide minimum wage, the rates may differ for small employers. Under California law, employers must comply with the highest applicable minimum wage. Further, California Labor Code sections

Because Los Angeles has a higher minimum wage rate than the one set by California or the Federal government, the higher local minimum wage rate takes precedence and must be paid to all employees covered by the local minimum wage regulation.
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LA County Minimum Wage Is Higher Than CA Minimum Wage

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  1. Although there are some exceptions, almost all employees in California must be paid the minimum wage as required by state law.

  2. Jan 1, In other areas the increase becomes effective July 1, such as in the city and county of Los Angeles, where the minimum wage.

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