Mansions of madness 2nd edition horrific journeys expansion

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Horrific Journeys

mansions of madness 2nd edition horrific journeys expansion

In the skies above the Atlantic, a dirigible's peaceful journey is interrupted by a bloody act of revenge and an oncoming storm. On the sea far below.

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You thought the horror was contained in Arkham. Take a vacation. Deal with normal life problems. You were wrong. Turns out cultists can perform their psychotic rituals anywhere in the world and sometimes in the middle of the journey. Can you deal with the madness while sailing through the skies on an airship, or hurtling down the tracks on a high-speed train?

Regular readers of this blog will know how much Mansions of Madness has dominated my play time. The game in its base form is fantastic, offering people an insight into the world of Lovecraft while at the same time offering a challenging but rewarding game to immerse themselves into. However, this experience can be taken a step further by the inclusion of the expansions offered by Fantasy Flight Games FFG , and then you have a game that really comes into its own and one that really stands out from the crowd. Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys is set to transport investigators up to the skies, across open seas and hurtling along the country by train, as the three new scenarios take new heights and fling investigators into new environments. The first scenario in Horrific Journeys takes place upon a train, hurtling through the New England countryside. Aboard the to Arkham , you and your fellow investigators are joined by a fellow colleague named Harriet. Aboard a train filled with you enemies, Harriet goes missing.

Display all pictures. On the sea far below, a treacherous saboteur plants the explosives that will sink a ship. In the New England countryside, a train billows black smoke, desperately Manufacturer : Fantasy Flight Games. Availability date:. This product is not sold individually.

The Horrific Journeys component list is a continuation of the list i made for the Core game of Mansion of Madness 2nd edition. As I felt i could not do the one without the other. So hopefully this will be just as big a success as the core game post. The X number of Clue tokens is because they did not write and excact number in the booklet as they use too but you will get nearly as many as the core game and expansion together. Here we are with a bunch of new investigators that will join in the investigations around arkham and other scary places. These investigators got a backstory on the other side of the Card. And if you want to read that you will need to purchase the game from your local retailer.

Horrific Journeys (Mansions of Madness) Preview

Mansion Of Madness 2nd edition: Horrific Journeys Complete inventory list.

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