Is now a good time to buy corporate bonds

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is now a good time to buy corporate bonds

After suggesting a bond portfolio — or any other kind of portfolio — to a new client, dealers often hear, “But is now a good time to invest in bonds?.


Other factors working against rising rates, he said, are slowing global economic expansion, increasing U. More from Fixed Income Strategies: Four overlooked Social Security-claiming strategies This falling market offers a chance to cut taxes in retirement 2 accounts that can ramp up tax-free retirement income. She added: "You just have to know why you are buying them. I find that a lot of the bond avoiders are alternative investments fans. I don't see the value. Safran addde that there should be no fear of the bond market "unless, of course, you're investing on the long end or on low credit.

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Much has been made of the stock market's bull-market cycle reaching the year mark recently. But bonds arguably have been on a general upward trend for much longer. Bond prices have risen, and yields have declined, for most of the past four decades, with only a few significant setbacks along the way. Bonds are essentially standardized, tradable loans that investors make to government entities or corporations in return for interest payments or yield. They have been so predictable for so long that investors probably could use a refresher course on the risks.

When it makes sense to own more bonds than stocks

With stocks, the big concern people have is usually that the market is about to tumble. With bonds, the big concern — especially these days — is that interest rates are going to rise, and any bonds purchased today will wither in value as a result.

Is Now the Time to Buy Bonds?

Let's look at the sets of circumstances that can help high yield bonds, as well as those that can cause them to lose value. This bond world is populated by smaller companies and those with weaker financials, which tend to benefit during an upswing in the economic cycle. This chart , from the St. Louis Fed database FRED , shows the underperformance of high yield during recessions and its relative strength in periods of economic expansion. Expectations for low or falling defaults : The high yield default rate , or the percentage of issuers that fail to make interest or principal payments on their bonds, is a key consideration for the high yield market. The lower the rate, obviously, the better for the market.

Conventional wisdom says bonds zig when stocks zag, smoothing out volatile periods for investors with blended stock-and-bond portfolios. First: Bonds are simply loans. Buying a bond from a government or company means they borrow your money for a fixed period, promising to pay regular interest, and repay your principle at the end. Women and work: Why a growing share of women are working or looking for jobs. Tracking your retirement: Checked your Social Security statement? If not, you should. Bond prices and interest rates sit on opposite ends of a seesaw.

Investing can be tricky, even when it comes to so-called "safe" investments such as bonds. Many investors choose bonds as long-term investments because they are supposed to guarantee returns on investment in addition to yearly interest income. However, if you're investing in bonds , you should keep an eye out for these three major signs that it's time to sell right away. The most significant sell signal in the bond market is when interest rates are poised to rise significantly. Because the value of bonds on the open market depends largely on the coupon rates of other bonds, an interest rate increase means that current bonds — your bonds — will likely lose value.




6 facts about bonds that you need to understand now




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  1. The loss of income-tax deductions, a benign Fed interest-rate policy and credit- worthy issuers nationwide make it a good time to buy munis.

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