Left handed semi auto shotguns

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A400 Xplor Action Left Handed

left handed semi auto shotguns

Benelli produces more left hand shotguns than any other firearms manufacturer. See the SBE II, Left-handed shooters no longer have to put up with hulls ejecting across their faces. Action Semi-auto (Inertia DrivenŽ)old. Application Type.

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Now available in left-handed configuration. The A Xplor Action is a semi-automatic shotgun that will be equally at home on an upland, duck or deer hunt as well as at the clay range. It incorporates all the advantages of the revolutionary A concept--low profile action, light weight, lightning-fast follow-up shots, low recoil, easy maintenance--and combines them with the classic looks of blue steel and walnut stock. But even here, Beretta has an eye towards innovation, offering updated lines and checkering, as well as a contrasting-color receiver. Available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge, the A Xplor Action defines performance and versatility in a semiauto.

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It's not easy being a lefty. Aside from the usual jabs from our friends, we are little more than an afterthought when it comes to baseball gloves, golf clubs and guns. Our choices are drastically limited, so we get by with what's available. Or when it comes to guns, we adapt by shooting shotguns and rifles made for righties. Left-handed shooters shouldn't have to work a shotgun safety by rolling the gun to the side and pushing the button with our thumbs, though. We also don't want to put up with a shell ejecting across our line of sight.

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