Did magic johnson have aids

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How Has Magic Johnson Survived 20 Years with HIV?

did magic johnson have aids

He stated that his wife Cookie and their unborn child did not have HIV, and that he would.

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Earvin " Magic " Johnson Jr. He played point guard for the Lakers for 13 seasons. After winning championships in high school and college , Johnson was selected first overall in the NBA draft by the Lakers. He led the league in regular-season assists four times, and is the NBA's all-time leader in average assists per game, at After leaving the NBA in , Johnson formed the Magic Johnson All-Stars, a barnstorming team that traveled around the world playing exhibition games. Johnson became a two-time inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame —being enshrined in for his individual career, and again in as a member of the "Dream Team". Johnson also is part of a group of investors that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers in and the Los Angeles Sparks in

David Stern has been retired as commissioner of the National Basketball Association for nearly three years. With the quarter century anniversary of the momentous day this month, Stern spoke to amfAR about the events surrounding the press conference, his relationship with Johnson and how his league, sports and world have changed since. I froze. I had to think about how to respond. I thought Magic was going to die.

On Nov. You were the spokesperson for amfAR when Magic made his announcement. What do you remember about that day? What was your reaction? I was going from New York to Chicago that day.

Overall, the events and Magic Johnson delivered important prevention messages. And the attendees got the thrill of a lifetime in seeing the personal side of Magic Johnson and his ordeals with HIV. I was fortunate to be able to spend a good deal of time talking with Magic, Congressman Towns, and Dr Jones about wide ranging HIV related subjects including prevention, treatment, denial, and issues in the African-American community. I have always been an avid basketball fan and a Los Angeles Laker fan for many years. As well, I have always been a big fan of Magic Johnson. So for me this was a real thrill.

Magic Johnson Celebrates Life 25 Years After HIV Diagnosis

Born Earvin Johnson Jr. He retired from the L.

Magic Johnson

The press conference 25 years ago. All Specialties. Back to all news. That was the day that Johnson was diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus HIV. Although the acronym still carries a heavy burden, it held even more weight 25 years ago. But Johnson was one of the first straight public figures to come out with the diagnosis — and at the time, he had only been married to his wife, Cookie, for 45 days.

On Nov. Yet, 20 years later, the nowyear-old Johnson is going as strong as ever in his roles as a sports analyst, businessman and HIV activist. The answer to Johnson's survival is far from "magic. Many people have lived with HIV even longer than Johnson. Lieb said that in the state of Florida alone, hundreds of patients have hung on since becoming infected with HIV in the early s, when the first confirmed AIDS cases turned up in the United States. Approximately 50, people become infected each year, and more than 18, die annually. The key with Johnson and others has been preventing their incurable disease from progressing into full-blown AIDS.

Karen rarely speaks about her ghost of a friend, Debra. Karen — my mother — is sitting under a hair dryer in her kitchen. But, for now, though, my mother asks me about my brother. She asks me if I voted. Especially against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. I ask her what she remembers about Nov. She recalls that day — and her anger at Johnson.




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  1. Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive at a news conference on Nov. news conference that he had contracted HIV and would retire immediately from the I probably did more than 20 phone interviews, mostly with newspapers, on the.

  2. Former NBA Commissioner Reflects on Magic Johnson's HIV Disclosure and its Impact on the League. David Stern NBA David Stern has been retired as commissioner of the National Basketball Association for nearly three Everyone did.

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