Who is poindexter in daredevil

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Benjamin Poindexter

who is poindexter in daredevil

When it comes to great Daredevil villains, the only character who can give came in the Daredevil movie, where he was played by Colin Farrell. Actor Wilson Bethel plays an FBI agent named Poindexter who takes on.

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Spoilers for Daredevil Season 3, Episodes follow. Even if you've never read the Daredevil comics, you know that Bullseye is an iconic villain. However, you might not be as familiar with Benjamin Poindexter, aka "Dex," his alter ego. Dex is in the Daredevil comics and he's the version of Bullseye presented in Season 3. As new showrunner Erik Oleson noted at New York Comic Con, for being such a notorious villain, Bullseye has never had a robust backstory in the comics. But Daredevil Season 3 changes all that with Agent Dex.

This article contains Daredevil season 3 spoilers. We have a spoiler free review here if you prefer. While season one had its hands full with a dual origin for Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, and season two was already overstuffed with the introductions of both The Punisher and Elektra, Daredevil season 3 finally brought fans the the physical threat they've been waiting for, in the form of Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter. Bullseye's comic book history has always been vague, with some conflicting elements thrown in. But Daredevil season 3 spends nearly its entire first half exploring Benjamin Poindexter as an FBI agent rather than a villain, and similarly takes its time with his descent into madness and supervillainy as the season progresses.

Bullseye is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. A psychopathic assassin, Bullseye uses the opportunities afforded by his line of work to exercise his homicidal tendencies and to work out his own personal vendetta against Daredevil. He is also an enemy of the Punisher. Although he possesses no superpowers , Bullseye is able to use almost any object as a lethal projectile, be it weapons like shuriken and sai or seemingly harmless objects like playing cards and pencils. His marksmanship is uncanny, at a nearly supernatural level. He has been portrayed by Colin Farrell in the film adaptation and by Wilson Bethel as Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter in the third season of the Netflix television adaptation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character's first appearance is in Daredevil March

And in the case of “Daredevil” season 3, that final scene goes to Benjamin Poindexter (Wilson Bethel), aka Bullseye, who is having spinal.
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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The new season of Daredevil has been a hit on Netflix , finally introducing a fan-favorite Marvel villain that fans have been clamoring for since the show was first announced. But this is a different version of Bullseye than fans have seen before. The character has basically been fully formed in the comics over the last few decades, with both his backstory and real name being mysteries to both the Man Without Fear and readers alike. Series showrunner Erik Oleson spoke about why he wanted to dive deep with the character, taking the name from the Ultimate Marvel version of Bullseye and giving him a backstory that humanizes the villain. And that allowed us to tell, I think, a deeper, more character driven and emotional story, which to me is the best kind of writing," Oleson said.

In the comic book source material Poindexter is better known as Lester - and has maintained his status of mercenary since his creation. Although he has no superpower, Bullseye can throw seemingly anything with lethal precision and velocity. In the past this has allowed Bullseye to kill people with small objects such as toothpicks and playing cards. In the flick Bullseye was played by Colin Farrell, and had a bullseye etched into his forehead - calling back to his comic book style. Daredevil has historically always found a match against Bullseye, and this season shows that to continue. And as season three of the show is rumoured to be the final season for the Man Without Fear, could Bullseye lay the final killing blow for him? Daredevil season 3 is available on Netflix.

Daredevil Season 3 Ending Explained

As is often the case with these Marvel TV seasons on Netflix, the very last scene is teasing some big future development. T8 and T9 are falling apart.

Even if you've never read the Daredevil comics, you know that Bullseye However, you might not be as familiar with Benjamin Poindexter, aka.
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  1. media relating to Daredevil. He has been portrayed by Colin Farrell in the film adaptation and by Wilson Bethel as Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter in the third.

  2. Born with a mental illness, Poindexter needed structure and rules to suppress his psychopathic tendencies and maintaining his sanity.

  3. Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter is a mentally unstable, former FBI agent and United Poindexter turned against Fisk when Daredevil revealed to him about Rj Wolfe was a stunt double for Wilson Bethel in the role of Benjamin Poindexter.

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