Anchorage fracture and orthopedic clinic

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Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon to join Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic

anchorage fracture and orthopedic clinic

Since , the doctors at Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic have remained dedicated to providing exceptional orthopedic care to patients in Anchorage.

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If an orthopedic injury or condition is causing you pain or limiting your mobility, physical therapy can serve as an excellent nonsurgical treatment option for your needs. The goal of physical therapy is to make movement and activity easier, reduce your pain, restore muscular function and strength, and help you return to doing what you loved doing before your injury. Physical therapy can also play a crucial role in the recovery process after surgery. These services include conservative injury treatment, pre- and postoperative treatment, and spine care and management to help you restore joint and muscular function, strength, and range of motion. Our experts are dedicated to helping you return to your daily activities quickly and safely. As part of our world-class team of orthopedic care providers, our specialty-trained physical therapy experts offer comprehensive therapy services for your individual needs.

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