Difference between favorite and favourite

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difference between favorite and favourite

Color or Colour?

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Should I use 'favorite' or 'favourite'? If you do not, many readers may feel that you did not review your work for spelling mistakes before you published your work! A favorite way of theirs is to play a friendly swindle upon the candidate. Caesar's Commentaries is my favorite literary work. Albert led him first to his atelier, which was, as we have said, his favorite apartment. Alicante is my favorite Spanish wine. We need not say which portion of the garden was her favorite walk.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. The "ou" is a common British spelling, whereas in American English, we simply use the "o. Yes, they mean the same thing. From Wiktionary's entry on favorite :. They are two different spellings for the same word: favorite is used in American English, favourite in all other varieties of English.

Favorite vs. Favourite

20 Words Brits and Americans Say Differently

Should I use 'favorite' or 'favourite'?

American writers and British writers spell some words differently, even when they mean the same thing. You can see these disparate spellings any time you read American and British publications. An article in The Wall Street Journal , for instance, might contain the word favorite , while an article in The Economist might contain the word favourite. Many times, these spelling differences are the result of different standardization at the editorial level. As languages evolve, these standards can and do change, as well.

The English language is the most widely used language in the world. In fact, it is used as a second language in most countries, and international organizations use it as their official language. It has a very large vocabulary and has many slang terms. Its introduction to other parts of the world added to the diverseness of its modern form. The arrival of English settlers to the New World, particularly to the United States and Canada, brought changes to the language and its forms. We now have several different types of English written or spoken around the world, but the two that are most frequently used are the American English and the British English. This is also particularly true with the differences in the spelling of words in British English and American English.

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Difference Between Favorite and Favourite

It is sometimes said that the United States and the United Kingdom are two countries separated by a common language. Despite the fact that English is the most widely used language in both countries, a distinction is often made between the English used in the United States—American English—and the English used in the United Kingdom—British English. The differences between the two varieties of English are usually subtle, but they exist nonetheless, particularly around spelling. Favorite and favourite are both correct spellings, depending on whether you use American or British spelling standards. Favorite is preferred in American English, while favourite is preferred in British English. Sometimes, favorite or favourite can be used and the correct form depends on which style guide you follow.

They have the same meaning, but favourite is used in British English, Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English whereas favorite is used.
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  1. While reading or writing, do you ever pause upon favorite and wonder what the correct spellings of it are?

  2. The differences between the two varieties of English are usually subtle, but they Favorite and favourite are both correct spellings, depending on whether you.

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