Difference between parking charge notice and penalty charge notice

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difference between parking charge notice and penalty charge notice

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Penalty charge notices are usually issued by the police or councils, while parking charge notices are invoices issued by private companies. A post on Facebook shared hundreds of thousands of times explains the difference between two types of parking ticket, and issues advice on whether or not to pay the charges. The post is correct in essentially describing the difference between the two tickets, but the advice to simply ignore tickets issued by private companies needs more context. The implication that this advice comes from Martin Lewis, the founder of Money Saving Expert, is false. A penalty charge notice is a fine issued by local councils.

Parking tickets can be frustrating to receive and daunting to deal with as they are all labelled differently and have varying fines. Distinguishing them is, however, difficult as they all come in a small yellow rectangle attached to a windscreen. Peter Goodchild, a solicitor and Associate Professor at The University of Law, has created the list below to help drivers understand the types of fines that can be issued, and the different rights and options you have after receiving them. This act means you should be treated with understanding. The only way parking companies and landowners can enforce them is by taking you to court, which is normally too costly for them. If registered, they have the right to issue a parking fine and the power to access your details from the DVLA to pursue the charge.

Jan 20, If you are issued with a parking ticket on private land, do you have to pay? There's a difference between car parking on private and public land. The most common type of parking ticket is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).
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These types of fines are the result of committing a parking offence while parking on private property and have their own rules and regulations to abide by. For that reason we have outlined everything you need to know here, from ways to make sure you don't receive charges to the process of appeal should you receive a charge. Note the acronym for both is, confusingly, the same - PCN! Want to protect yourself against any losses after an accident? Based on comprehensive Car Insurance Plus, purchased direct, excluding any additional products and upgrades, with payment on an annual basis. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose.

More car parks are becoming privately run but do you have to pay the charges? An increase in car parks managed by private firms has left growing numbers of motorists receiving hefty penalty charge notices. The first thing to ascertain is whether you have a parking ticket placed on your vehicle by the council or a private company. If it has been placed there by the council or the police, it will say on the ticket and if you would like to contest it, you will have to follow the appeals procedure that the council has for this. If it has been placed by a private company, then it is important that you do not immediately pay it - as you can contest it.

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. How to appeal depends on the type of parking ticket you have - check what the ticket says before you start. Most parking tickets will be one of:. If you're worried about not paying, call whoever gave you the ticket and ask them to confirm that you shouldn't pay if you're appealing.

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  1. SEEING the dreaded yellow slip with a parking ticket on your windscreen when you return to your car is enough to ruin anyone's day.

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