Carl lentz and justin bieber

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Justin Bieber spends the day with his pastor Carl Lentz in NYC as he seeks treatment for depression

carl lentz and justin bieber

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber talk at the Aces Charity Celebrity Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden. Shareif.

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The transformation of Bieber from troubled bad boy to newlywed-believer has been widely associated with the mentoring he's received from Lentz and Wilkerson Jr. The pastors have a longtime bond and are often seen out and about pastoring celebrities. The Hillsong NYC pastor has previously spoken of the time he's invested in Bieber throughout the years and watching him grow in his walk with God. The well-known minister is credited with bringing Bieber back to his faith and baptizing him. During an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's "Super Soul Sunday" in , Lentz spoke about his friendship with the crooner. Lentz revealed that he met Bieber after his friend, fellow Pastor Judah Smith, contacted him and said he was "working" with Bieber and wanted the two of them to connect. To make a long story short, his baptism was a moment where he was going through it and he was pulling himself up," Lentz said.

By Brian Marks For Dailymail. Justin Bieber has always been open about the role of faith in his life. The Sorry singer has leaned on his spiritual adviser in recent days as he has reportedly been seeking treatment for depression. Justin was dressed for the chilly Northeastern weather with a large red, white and blue down jacket. He augmented it with a navy blue beanie and a pair of royal blue sweat pants.

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We were both sophomores at Manhattan College, where I slowly started to push away the Christian faith I grew up with. By the time I went to Hillsong, I considered myself agnostic. Twice a week, he went downtown to Irving Plaza, where the church held services on Wednesdays and Sundays. I was initially hesitant to go with him, but was in such a dark place that I eventually gave in. Before I knew it, I was singing along with my palms raised, too. Learning while you are in them? Since Hillsong was founded in Sydney, Australia in , the church has become an evangelical empire.

Why I left Hillsong, Justin Bieberís beloved evangelical church

Church sources told TMZ that while Lentz did not force Irving to request the trade, he listened to Irving's concerns ó of playing in the shadow of superstar LeBron James in Cleveland ó and urged him to make the decision best for him., Despite these personal setbacks, one man has always stayed by his side to help keep him on the straight and narrow-ish: Pastor Carl Lentz. His influence has become infectious, and has moved well beyond those who know him as their Pastor Carl.

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