Odell beckham and justin bieber

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Giants stars’ crazy party with Bieber before playoffs begin

odell beckham and justin bieber

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By Paul Schwartz. January 2, pm Updated January 3, am. Those who believe the Giants finally ending their five-year playoff drought and looking ahead to a postseason clash with the Packers is cause for celebration should know they are kindred spirits with Odell Beckham Jr. That group certainly showed it knows how to party long and hard — and they did it with none other than Justin Bieber. The players were all in Landover, Md.

Actions have consequences, and no one should be more aware of that than New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Of course, to at least some degree, Beckham brings it on himself with his flamboyant international lifestyle, high-profile associates and on-field antics. The question is when is enough enough? Mara has sat down with Beckham on multiple occasions to discuss his reputation and immaturity issues. One of their more intense talks came after Beckham drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during the season when he celebrated a touchdown in Philadelphia by pretending to be a dog urinating on the field.

After a New Year's Day win over the Redskins on Sunday, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham did what any year-old would do: He immediately hopped on a plane and flew to Miami so that he could party with Justin Bieber. Beckham didn't waste any time getting to Miami, either. The game between the Giants and Redskins ended around p. Apparently, the group was also having some fun Monday morning because they were hanging on a boat, which we know because Trey Songz shared a picture of the group on Snapchat. TreySongz and odellbeckhamjr out on the ocean celebrating life. New year New beginnings. Shepard also shared a photo of the group on Instagram , but he eventually deleted it and I'm guessing that's because everyone in the comments section was probably asking him why he was in Miami if the Giants have a playoff game this weekend.

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Photos of the players and Songz on a boat were posted on several social media accounts later on Monday morning. The players took advantage of a scheduling quirk under first-year coach Ben McAdoo to make the quick trip to Miami.




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