Half and half in spanish

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Translation of "half-and-half" - English-Spanish dictionary

half and half in spanish

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Had a little difficulty identifying what type of milk we were buying there are several different varieties. I know the cream is difficult to find in Mexico , but just want to be sure I am looking for the right thing. We use Lala Light as well. Use it in our coffe and cereal too. We got ours at the Costa Sur hotel grocery store where we stayed. Use it in our coffee and cereal. We bought ours where we stayed.

The English word "half" can be translated to Spanish in several ways, depending on, among other things, what part of speech it is used as. Medio is used as an adjective, and as such it agrees with the noun it refers to in number and gender. Medio also is used as an adverb, usually referring to adjectives. In standard Spanish, it is invariable, not changing in number or gender with the adjective it refers to. In some areas, it is not unusual in spoken Spanish to change the form of medio to agree with the adjective, but such use is considered substandard. La mitad , which often means "middle," can also be used as a noun to mean "half.

By bdlngton , October 14, in Learning Spanish. I used the word "crema" but described it as being like milk but with a higher fat content. The lady in the deli section at Soriana had no idea what I was talking about. I asked at checkout what to call it other than "crema" and explained what I wanted it for. The clerk called over a supervisor to ask her.

Here is the U. Do they have this in Spain and if so what is it called? If not, what would be the closest thing to it. When I went to England many years ago I couldn't find anything like it. I have my coffee black so I don't take much notice of what is available but I'm pretty certain that you'll only be offered milk.


Translating 'Half' in Spanish



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