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David Victor on KQED's 'City Arts and Lectures' discusses China and energy

city arts and lectures kqed

A one-hour radio program to hear celebrated writers, artists and thinkers address contemporary ideas and values, often discussing the creative process. Please.

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The other day, Dr. Charles B. Faulhaber, a professor of Spanish literature, could just as easily have phoned the author at her home in Marin County. Now in its 29th season, City Arts is a nonprofit retailer of culture that puts on 55 to 60 events a year at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Tapes of the shows have been stored in the City Arts office and in founding director Sydney Goldstein 's home basement - boxes upon boxes of reel-to-reels, cassettes and mini discs. About a year ago, Goldstein offered the archive to Faulhaber, who turned her down. A Bancroft staffer redirected her to Stanford University , which has an Archive of Recorded Sound, but Goldstein wouldn't hear of that.

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The event was a minute onstage interview for the venerable City Arts and Lectures series. Sunday Pacific time , Oct. City Arts broadcasts also air nationally; check your public radio station for details.

Blacks, Blues, Black! Episode 8: Art & Literature - KQED Arts


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