Fiberglass pools pros and cons

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Which is better: concrete or fibreglass pool?

fiberglass pools pros and cons

In this article the experts at Sonco Pools and Spas review the advantages and disadvantages of installing a fiberglass swimming pool in your backyard.

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There are endless options for adding accessories and additions to make your house a home that perfectly complements your lifestyle. One major improvement that homeowners opt for is a home pool. The biggest question to ask when buying a swim spa or home pool is what material is best. One of the great things about fiberglass pools is the gel coat finish, a smooth and shiny surface that makes for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Algae, a menace in pools, can produce horrid green water if not treated regularly with chemicals. There are also no minerals in fiberglass like there are in gunite or cement and nothing that will interact with and affect the water. This means that balancing the water is much easier.

When the weather begins to warm up, your thoughts naturally turn to summer and the time you can spend outside. When the temperature soars, one of the best ways to stay cool is in a swimming pool. In the sections below, we will explain the differences between each one to help you make the right choice. The installation of an in-ground pool is a large, complex task and is best left to professionals. The concrete used should be dry-mixed on site and blown into place under pressure.

If you are investigating the idea of an in-ground pool, you will find that some pool builders offer you a choice of either concrete or fibreglass. Figuring out what type of pool is going to suit your needs best might seem like a daunting decision at first. Get ready to make the first step in the quest for the best pool for you: Deciding for the fibreglass or concrete option. Because of all the benefits of fibreglass pools, they are the number one option for many pool buyers looking for the best swimming pool. But are all the fibreglass pools the same? The short answer is no. Most manufacturers in Australia make reliable and long-lasting products but a few have significant differences which make them stand out from the rest.

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Inground swimming pool installation is a science and not all inground pool installers understand the process of installing a fiberglass pool. As a fiberglass pool installation professional, the owner of Sonco Pools and Spas, Mike Peterson, discusses why certain myths related to fiberglass pools just aren't true. The fastest growing segment of the swimming pool industry in America and Canada is in the fiberglass swimming pool structure. Fiberglass pools in the U. The advancements in gel coats and resins have created a modern day swimming pool that is incredibly strong, flexible, UV resilient, and easy to own. The initial cost of installing a fiberglass pool will be higher than a vinyl swimming pool; however, the cost of one liner replacement almost repays the initial cost difference.

The Pros & Cons of Fiberglass, Gunite and Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools


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