Smoking cigarettes and eating at the same time

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Doctor Says: Yes, Smokers Can Be Healthy, Too

smoking cigarettes and eating at the same time

Is smoking cigarettes in moderation still very bad for you, for example Is smoking bad after eating? Because smoking at any time is bad.

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Image via Wellcome Library. It's been just over five years since I first picked up a cigarette—at a party, surrounded by people who seemed much cooler than me by dint of their smoking. Determined to fit in with my new social circle and with my new city—New York, a place where even the corpulent look interesting with a hand-rolled cigarette hanging from their lips—I started smoking socially, and eventually, regularly. Through the years I've quit dozens of times, to no avail. This, like any addiction, is a personal struggle.

You have New Private Message s! Read Now. Remember my vote. Ask your own Question! I could never eat while smoking when I did smoke.

How did this happen? I have several close friends who deliberately went back to smoking because they found the weight gain so unbearable. How do you avoid this? Presumably, you have reasons for wanting to quit smoking. But how do you stop smoking without eating to compensate?

How to Avoid Falling into Using Food to Replace Tobacco

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I Tried to Get Healthy and Keep Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is typically associated with appetite suppression, which, unfortunately, is one of the rationales behind the habit. Some people use cigarettes as a weight-loss tool, and long-term smokers who decide to quit are often faced with the prospect of weight gain. The effects of smoking on eating habits are based on both behavior and physiology. Usually, smokers weigh less than nonsmokers, but this is not always the case. For some people, smoking behavior is, instead, related to increased food intake and obesity.



The Effects of Smoking on Eating Habits






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  1. I could never eat while smoking when I did smoke. I couldn't chew i DO have to say a banana milkshake and a cigarette is pure orgasm. 13 yrs ago, 6 mos ago.

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