My period is light pink and watery

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What The Color of Your Period Blood Can Tell You About Your Menstrual Cycle — And Your Health

my period   is light pink and watery

Strange Pregnancy Sign IMPLANTATION BLEED I thought was my period

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You may see pink vaginal discharge as part of your period or at other times throughout your menstrual cycle. Blood may mix with clear cervical fluid on its way out of the uterus, turning it pink. This color may also be a sign of a number of different conditions, like a hormonal imbalance or infection. The timing of the discharge — as well as any other symptoms you may be experiencing — can help you identify the underlying cause. Keep reading to learn more.

We noticed you're in , so we have redirected you to your our international store. In fact, it might not always be red. Like, wut? The truth that puberty class conveniently left out is that period blood comes in a lot of different shades. Health expert and ob-gyn Dr. It can be really unsettling to see black period blood in the middle of your cycle. The result?

Our health expert, Dr. Same happened for me! I had my first three periods and they were a dark red-brown color. My mom said this was because the blood was old. I guess it piled up in there until my body realized it was time to start menstruating. I am actually on my fourth now and the blood is now a bright red and there are still some clumps but less that before.

The bleeding that you have during your period is similar to but not exactly the same type of bleeding that you see when you cut your finger. What you see on your pad or tampon or in the toilet bowl is a mixture of both blood and tissue from the lining of your uterus. How much of each, along with other factors, will influence what your period blood looks like. This lining has built up during the earlier weeks of your cycle. Here is where you can compare what is happening to a cut on your finger. The cut on your finger will bleed until your body responds by releasing substances called clotting factors that stop the bleeding. Similarly, blood will flow from the small blood vessels that were torn when the lining of the uterus separated.

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Alright ladies, let me take a wild guess, no one's ever talked about your period color with you before. Not really. When we talk about our periods, even with our besties, we don't usually get into these nitty gritty details. Now, just because we usually ignore the gory details, doesn't mean that they're not important. Here's the long and the short of it: the color of your menstrual blood gives you a little sneak peak into what's going on with your uterine lining and your reproductive health. Each month, your body gets itself ready for pregnancy by building a uterine lining that should support a fertilized egg if one should happen by. If you don't get pregnant, that lining gets the heck out of the uterus and turns into period blood.

What Causes Pink Discharge and How Is It Treated?

Your period speaks to you , and it says more than " bring me fries dipped in ice cream , NOW., For most women, menstruation begins between ages 12 and According to the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , your period may be used as a vital health sign.

Healthy Menstrual Blood




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  1. Light periods, for example, may last fewer than two days and be pink, more like spotting than a full flow. Anything from You may experience light pink discharge or spotting as a result. . Discharge with early cervical cancer is often white, clear, or watery. . Is It Normal to Have Discharge After My Period?.

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