Are lele and juanpa dating 2018

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lele ponss engagement rumors with juanpa zurita

are lele and juanpa dating 2018

While some of Lele Pons' Instagram fans are still wondering if she and Mexican cutie Juanpa Zurita are getting married, new speculations of.

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The first thing that is noticeable about Lele Pons is that she is an overachiever that has achieved stuff that her contemporaries can hardly dream of. She has been involved in music, comedy, television and film. And to think she only got her first phone in at the age of But she is just getting started. Lele Pons may speak English fluently Spanish and Italian too however she is not from an English speaking country. When she was five years old, her family relocated to Miami, Florida in the US.

She gained prominence on the Vine platform because of her uniquely creative and rather funny videos. By the time the Vine platform was shut down in , Pons had received billions loops marking her the most looped and most followed Viner on the platform. She also runs a self-titled YouTube channel which boasts of more than 14 million total subscribers. She later moved to the United States when aged 5, and was raised in Miami, Florida. According to her, she had trouble making friends in High school, and would often be bullied by other girls. Her rise to stardom has, therefore, been a major source of inspiration to her fans, especially the ones who faced a similar problem while growing up. Pons began what would become her debut career using the six-second video sharing platform titled Vine.

Lele started her career on the Vine platform, and managed to set a record on it: she became the first user to get 1 billion video loops! She later broke this record by gaining After it was no longer possible to upload videos on it, she switched to Youtube, where she's still posting funny videos, pranks, and 'physical' jokes, as she likes to say. Apart from her Youtube channel, Lele's Instagram account is definitely contributing to her wealth, since she has more than 31 million followers, and her account officially had most viewed Instagram stories of ! Her YouTube videos have over 2. The song's name is Dicen and it has over million views so far!

Today we have brought the story of none other than the Instagram Queen Lele Pons. The year-old internet sensation has won the heart of million and successfully gathered more than Because of her popularity in all over the world, the blond beauty has created a wide attention and curiosity regarding her personal life. Stay tuned to us. The rumors first surfaced after the duo shared several beautiful pictures of them together on the Instagram and both of them looked so comfortable and close to each other. Source: Thepicta.

He became known in through making comedy videos on the Vine app. Later, he diversified his activities by publishing vlogs and entertainment videos on the YouTube platform. He created various campaigns in favor of humanitarian aid. He has 21 million followers on Instagram , nine million on YouTube , six million on Facebook , and five million on Twitter. In , he was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. His family moved to the United States during his youth following his father's appointment as a political counselor at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.

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Let's just say this isn't the person he usually posts photos of the year-old internet fame, and host has dated please, biography, s. - What we are about to report might become the biggest gossip story collectively for the fans of Lele Pons , Juanpa Zurita and Ray Diaz , the famous Instagram celebrities. A video posted by a fan page of Ray Diaz shows Lelepons cuddling with Ray in the bed and kisses him on the lips.

Lele Pons Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age, Height and Feet

Among various internet celebrities, there is one guy of whom people are searching day and night right now. Yes, we are talking about muscular hunk Juanpa Zurita, of whom relationship status is still vague. If you do not know this guy, let me tell you that he is an Instagram celebrity with more than 1. Also, we count him as YouTuber as his subscribers count 5 million. But, this is not a thing what I am going to discuss right now. What I will be talking about is dating life of him, with someone from the same profession. She is none other than Lele Pons, who is described as the Queen of Instagram.




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