Broken hearts and dirty windows

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Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows

broken hearts and dirty windows

Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine is a tribute album consisting of covers of John Prine songs performed by various artists. The album .

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What's instantly noticeable and commendable about this tribute to the songwriting of John Prine is that none of the artists chosen to do the honors are contemporaries of the author. That's a smart move by the compilers: by removing the context in which these songs were first written and recorded, the younger artists were free to reinterpret them on their own merits. Some of the performers choose from among Prine 's better-known material, while others dig deeper into the catalog. Old Crow Medicine Show 's take on "Angel from Montgomery" is reminiscent of the early music of the Band , old-timey yet contemporary too. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Prine does not trumpet his truths: they just emerge, crawling out of sparse, carefully arrayed and encapsulated moments, presented with unflinching, unsentimental clarity. Assumptions are neatly overturned with a disarming, almost casual turn of phrase, while long-accepted aspects of human nature are brought to light in unexpected contexts that only reinforce their universal nature. It's devastating stuff, yet strangely uplifting. The contrasts and paradoxes Prine uncovers combined with his unquestionable abilities as a craftsman have insured that his music continually influences generation after generation of maverick artists. That Prine's perspective flourishes so vividly in these modern recastings is testament to not only the sheer power of his songs, but to the subtly defiant undercurrent that runs throughout Prine's oeuvre.

This album features twelve newly-recorded and re-imagined versions of classic John Prine songs, by an enviable roll call of some of today's greatest musicians and songwriters.
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A veteran of the Chicago folk scene of the late s and early 70s, John Prine ought to be more difficult to cover. He writes for his own voice, an instrument with a uniquely warm wryness and a limited range, which means his melodies are homey and modest, as if he's making them up on the spot. More crucially, his songs-- crammed with stray details and wonderfully skewed insights-- are strongly tied to his part huckster, part good ol' boy personality. Prine's a songwriter's songwriter, which means that the very traits that ought to make him hard to cover only make covering him an attractive notion. Even so, an album of Prine covers is a dodgy proposition. It's bound to be erratic; tribute albums are by nature inconsistent, and the particulars of Prine's songwriting make it likely that just as many people will stagger as will step lively.

The album's title is a reference to a lyric from the Prine song "Souvenirs". The album met with mostly positive reviews upon its release, though Allison Stewart criticized it for excluding some of Prine's best songs and the musicians on the album for being "overly reverent. The vibe is far too amiable for anyone to strike out on a quest to provide their own definitive version of a Prine song. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 14 April


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Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows


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