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Scott & Bailey

scott and bailey season 6

Scott & Bailey S01 - Ep02 Surprise

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The long-running ITV drama came to an end on Wednesday night with a tense climax to the three-part final series. After chasing down the dark-net using murderers, a pregnant Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones faced off against him when he tricked her into going to a basement under a railway station. With Janet breaking his accomplice in the interview room, Rachel was left alone looking for her friend in the station, but once he dragged her into the dark depths of the basement, she was on her own. Using all her wits and skills, Rachel summoned help from her colleagues and bravely fought off the serial killing attacker, and solved the case just hours before it was to be removed from her desk. The policewoman proved her worth to herself and eventually decided against moving back to London and instead decided to keep her baby and stick around Manchester in her current job - even if she did have to give up dressing like Little Mix. Meanwhile, Janet opted to interfere in her daughter's indecent images charges by proving that her boyfriend was not the victim his mother thought he was.

Series, Episodes, DVD release dates. Region 2 (United Kingdom), Region 1 ( United States), Region 4 (Australia), Discs. 1, 6, 4.
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Sign in. See the list. Title: Episode 4. Tam and Patricia Robbinson are murdered in their own pub whilst their son Simon is staying with a friend. Simon believes his half-sister Carla to have died but she is very much alive though long estranged from her mother.

Jones is credited as writing more than 20 episodes of the UK crime drama. Here is more from Radio Times. With D. Gill Murray in retirement, ever-ambitious Rachel Suranne Jones returns from her Vice secondment fired up and full of new ideas and initiatives. Exhilarated to step up to the plate, Rachel is exactly who Janet Lesley Sharp and the Squad need to move forward with a terrifying and sinister Internet crime investigation of epic scale and unrelenting horror.

Episode #4.6

The series debuted on 29 May and concluded on 27 April , Sign in. Whilst shopping for her son's engagement party Gill is abducted at knife point by a drunken Helen Bartlett, angry to have been charged with a crime which she reported in the first instance which has

Scott And Bailey’s final ever episode aired and viewers just couldn’t cope

The show, written by Sally Wainwright , revolves around the personal and professional lives of Detectives Janet Scott played by Sharp and Rachel Bailey played by Jones. A creative choice was made to end the series after an abbreviated fifth series in , despite continued good reception and strong viewership. The series is produced by Manchester -based Red Production Company and is largely filmed in the Greater Manchester area. Upon taking the idea to Nicola Shindler of Red Productions , Shindler contacted Sally Wainwright , who wrote a script for an episode and, according to Jones, they "loved it". Subsequently, Wainwright paired up with Diane Taylor, [7] a former Detective Inspector from Greater Manchester Police , to create the programme, and the production expanded from Jones and Lindsay's original concept. You'd last about two weeks". I could pull a thousand cases out of my head people would say would never happen.


‘It’s good to move on’ Suranne Jones is glad to see the back of Scott and Bailey




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  1. Why it's the perfect time to say farewell to Scott & Bailey Perhaps that's why series five really is a fitting finale: Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp are moving on.

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