How much is beauty and the beast vhs tape worth

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You Wont Believe How Much These Old Disney VHS Tapes Are Worth Now!

how much is beauty and the beast vhs tape worth

Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes are not selling on eBay for thousands of dollars. about Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes being worth thousands of dollars. "According to eBay listings, the animated film Beauty and the Beast is.

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Taken a look at your VHS collection lately? Well, since it is , we're betting your answer is probably no, but it may be time to change that. They're a part of the company's "Black Diamond Collection," a group of 25 tapes that were released between and Each video hasyou guessed ita black diamond on the upper spine of the cassette case to mark its originality. As you dust off your 90s goods, here's what to look out for. Remember, just because something is listed for that price, doesn't mean it'll actually sell for it. So as you peruse the bidding site, make sure to use your best judgement.

Marie Kondo-ing your life is an absolute game changer. There's no denying that dragging loads of stuff down to the charity shop feels cleansing. The relief of letting go of things that you've been holding on to for actual decades is immeasurable. But hold up one second. You got rid of all those useless video tapes didn't you?

Apparently, this is a tape that potential buyers are far more particular with The Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Edition VHS is worth.
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Gone are the days when you had to stand up and actually shut off the DVR to turn off the movie and then rewind it, taking it out and putting it in the box. I miss those VHS tapes so much. It was such an important part of my childhood that kids these days will never know. Be kind, rewind. Yes, did you know that VHS tapes are making their way around again? But not for what you thinkpeople are actually selling them and paying a hefty amount of cash for them. How do you know which ones are selling for a large sum?

Own any of these old Disney VHS tapes? You could be sitting on big bucks

But you weren't surfing Netflix or Hulu; you were instead sifting through the VHS tapes that filled your shelves., Posted By: Craig Smith. Well, according to this recent article from Snopes.

Your Old Disney VHS Tapes May Be Worth Thousands of Dollars

If you were a fan of Disney when you were growing up, then you've absolutely come to the right place. The version of the VHS comes with 'banned cover art', an accidental penis-like castle tower which was eventually discontinued. While these Disney movies might appear to be selling for astronomical prices, all may not be as it seems, and they might not actually be worth that much, reports Vice. Furthermore, because eBay allows users to bid on objects without actually committing to buying them, the price actually paid might not be reflected in what is shown on the website. It could even just be a way of laundering money, or selling banned substances under disguise, reports Vice. HT Pedestrian.

But even though we've held onto them for all this time, it appears that our old videos could be worth a small fortune - and we wouldn't part with them for anything less tbh. Trend watcher at eBay Sophie Onikul said that the tape fetched so much because the resurgence of 90s nostalgia. Speaking to the MailOnline she said: "Thanks to a nostalgic 90s generation and the trend for retro home decor, VHS tapes are back and in high demand with collectors buying into the craze. Dust off your old VHS tapes and get listing! This particular collection are part of the "rare Black Diamond tapes" which were released by Disney between and Unsure as to whether you have your own "diamond tapes" at home?

Photo via Flickr left and Shutterstock right. Disney movies are one hell of a happy nostalgic trip.
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  1. Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Are Currently Being Valued at Thousands on Ebay label, are worth more) the outrageous price tags aren't the most realistic. five for $, and one copy of Beauty and the Beast for $

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