Belle and sebastian the life pursuit

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belle and sebastian the life pursuit

On sixth proper album The Life Pursuit, Belle and Sebastian want to teach the world to sing, in however imperfect harmony. Where the recent.

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Belle And Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress isn't the best album the band ever released, but it may have been its most important. From that point, Stuart Murdoch and the rest could go anywhere. Back to muscularly strummed pop about sensitive high-school girls. But this time, there's a difference. The band sounds reinvigorated even when returning to well-trodden turf, and even livelier when moving away from it.

The Life Pursuit is the logical next step forward, retaining Murdoch 's signature wry vignettes but dressing them in new sonic colors. On each of those records, Hoffer was able to retain the artist's core identity while expanding their musical horizons, and that's the case with The Life Pursuit. This results in a fresh, lively listen, but a rich one too, since there's more to hear in the music as well as the words upon repeated listens. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Engineered by Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer. Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles. Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Metropolis, London. Pictures by Stuart. Band photos by Marisa Privitera.

For those who cower at rock's brute force and head for the blue-skied indie hills, they salute you.
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As far from snot and spittle as they might seem, Belle And Sebastian are products of punk. You can blame punk for a lot. When Belle And Sebastian emerged in they seemed to hark back to this era of bully-victim indie: a reaction against art-school poseur mockneyism see: Blur and the prevailing culture of booze and birds. The lyrics encouraged bookish deconstruction. I read, therefore I am a Belle And Sebastian fan incidentally, Preston Ordinary Boy did a good job of cultivating this bookish air up until some recent TV programme or other. One problem, though: Belle And Sebastian had some genius songs.



The Life Pursuit

Act Of The Apostle





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  1. The Life Pursuit is the seventh studio album by Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian. It was released in Europe on 6 February by Rough Trade.

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