Explain how balanced and unbalanced forces are related to motion

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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

explain how balanced and unbalanced forces are related to motion

There is no unbalanced force acting upon the book and thus the book maintains its state of motion. When all the forces acting upon an object balance each other .

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Newton's first law of motion has been frequently stated throughout this lesson. But what exactly is meant by the phrase unbalanced force? What is an unbalanced force? In pursuit of an answer, we will first consider a physics book at rest on a tabletop. There are two forces acting upon the book.

South Carolina Earthquakes. Endangered Species. Force vs. Mass Balanced vs. Unbalanced Forces. Forces have a magnitude strength and a direction.

According to Newton's Laws of Motion, an unbalanced force is one that causes a change in the motion of the object to which the force is applied. An object at rest or an object in steady motion continues at rest or in unchanged motion unless it is subjected to an unbalanced force. In that case, the object accelerates in the direction of the force according to the equation: force equals mass times acceleration. An unbalanced force continues to accelerate an object until until a new counterforce builds up and a new balance of forces is established. The accelerated object then maintains a steady velocity, and the previously unbalanced force is balanced by the new force. An unbalanced force is a force that changes the position, speed or direction of the object to which it is applied. The unbalanced force accelerates the object with the acceleration directly proportional to the size of the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

Explain how unbalanced forces change the motion of an object.
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Unbalanced forces and motion

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