Teachers students and social media where is the line

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Schools draw social media line between teachers, kids

teachers students and social media where is the line

Social media boundaries: Should teachers and students be "friends" online?

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Technology allows students and educators to communicate outside of school on online and social media platforms. Those communications are usually fine but can occasionally cross the line, experts say. PHOENIX — Investigators said it started with a World of Warcraft game: A year-old girl joined a team with her teacher and then entered into a private chat, which spiraled into online advances by the teacher and suggestions of meeting outside of school. The teacher, Christopher Heavin, could lose his license to teach in Arizona. A state group of educators that oversees cases of alleged teacher misconduct unanimously recommended the Arizona Board of Education revoke his license when it meets next week. The case and other recent situations illustrate a growing dilemma in schools.

Social media is becoming the new focus of school policies as districts that embrace technology try to balance adult and student contact on and off campus. Incidents of teacher and student encounters gone wrong via social media are growing. In February, Marisa Anton, a former New Rochelle school librarian, was sentenced to three years' probation after admitting to trying to seduce a year-old student. It was text messages the boy's parents saw between the two that broke the case, police said. A year-old Connecticut teen was charged last month with harassment for posting inappropriate pictures of a teacher on line. As schools bring technology into their hallways and classrooms, districts have been driven to craft a patchwork of policies to delineate what has long been a gray area.

The Internet arrived with both a bang and bubble. Once social media platforms came into being, sites including Facebook and Twitter began to permeate every facet of life. With the phenomenon's expansion, it raised a number of issues involving privacy, protection and responsibility. Teachers are not exempt from these concerns. By being in a position of power and working with adolescents, their behavior is often scrutinized thoroughly.

Should teachers and students be friends of the Facebook variety? Parents want to know where the boundaries should be when it comes to educators and students using technology to communicate. Tara Paige feels fine about digital communication. The Arlington, Texas, entrepreneur and mother of eight says her children sometimes use technology—such as texts and social media—to correspond with their teachers and coaches. And social media is a way for teachers to be leaders and role models with their students.

When do students and teachers cross the line through social media?





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